4595 @ 100yards??

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Asher1, Dec 27, 2014.

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    A buddy and I went to the range and break in a couple new toys we got..

    Everything worked flawlessly, but the 4595 he got really seemed to shoot low at 100yards. We both have 995's and they run like sewing machines on crack and have the ability to run golf balls down from 0-100 yards with zero sight adjustment...

    This new 4595 was shooting so low that we where maxing the sight adjustment out and still needed more (@100yds)... Since it is a new gun, we are guessing it didn't like the ammo, and the rounds seemed weak... The ammo was factory loads, I think it was 230g PPU. Across my chrono it was shooting 985fps, I don't know much about 45acp but that seemed slow for a carbine.

    Were we asking too much from the 4595? I know the 45 is a big lug, but I wouldn't think that asking 100yards from it is too much... We didn't try anything closer, the range was crowded and nothing closer then 100yds to set up at...
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    Did you try adjusting the front sight?

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    Well, you know those moments in life where you wish you could just rewind time and not ask a really dumb question??? This would be one of those times... Thanks Cicpup, I (we) completely forgot about the front post having an adjustment, heck it might not even be tight...

    We got way to involved in doing a happy dance with the good functioning of a couple new (bottom barrel) AR's, and that the new HP didn't get the attention it needed and deserved...

    On a side note... if your left handed, NEVER get a "slick side" AR upper... That shell deflector is built in there for a reason, I actually have a round burn on my right cheek that reads .223rem .... :(
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    Eek!.... Luckily mine has one!

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    Got that burn a few times while in USMC bootcamp back in the early 80's and shooting left handed with the M16A1 . After a few rds down the shirt and with the help of drill instructors and RSO's I learned to shoot right handed