4595 ... any Guesses or info on MSRP ???

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    I'm gonna want to see a side/side comparison to the "Thompson" clones available before I get too excited .

  2. yesiam

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    Was referring to 4595 vs. semi-auto Thompson clones... sorry

    The reliability and performance of the Thompson design will be tuff to beat. Albeit weight and cost issues, the large number of accessories and mags etc. are also factors. Unlike the 995 that has it's own and unrivaled market 'niche' of caliber, cost and utility, and why in my opinion the 4095 doesn't have the same popularity.
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    The auto-ordnance Thompson is an overpriced pile of cow dung. They are completely different from the full auto versions used by the mafia and our military in WWII, and Korea.I was never able to fire a complete magazine without something breaking.Three broken firing pins, and four recoil springs, there are two in the action.I bought mine 1n 92 for $850 new, sold it in 95 at a gunshow for $720.. [​IMG] Friend of mine works for Gander Mountain just had to have one last October, told me that Kahr had fixed all the problems .He's a gunsmith and guess where his is now.Returned to the factory when the firing pin broke in two on the second shot.