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    I've recently purchased the 9MM and .45ACP carbines... In the past, I had a website called HANDLOADING FOR HUNTING, which I had online from 1997 to early this year when I ended it's long run... Haven't bought a factory round of ammo in years... Anyway, on the 4595 Carbine, I have noticed a very deep firing pin hit on the large pistol primers... There is no sign of pressure, no crater and no flaring out of the primer cup around the primer pocket, but it looks as though the firing pin comes close to piercing the cup, and I have noticed a couple of primer cups with just the faintest of cracks from the firing pin impression outward...

    I know the dimensional differences between the LR primer and the LP primers... Also, I am aware that the acceptable tolerances of pocket depth, and primer cup length between this combination actually overlap.. That being said, I'm curious if anybody else has noticed this, and if anybody has tried loading the large rifle primer (assuming it seats properly) and adjusting the powder charge to fix this problem of almost piercing the large pistol primer cup... Thanks so much in advance.... Dave
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    What brand of primers are you using?

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    I have read that the Wolf primers are harder, and I know they are cheaper! Might be worth a "shot", I.K.! :D

    I also get email from BBTI, and they chrony'ed Small Pistol Primers vs. Large Pistol Primers in 45 SMC cases. Maybe a 2-3% velocity difference (from memory) in the lighter bullet weights and shorter barrels. Indicating that the larger flame kernel from the LP gave an earlier pressure peak.
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    Haven't noticed, I use CCI primers.
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    Are you using large RIFLE primers instead of large PISTOL?
    The extra depth dimension of the rifle primers might be part of the problem.
    Other than that, try some factory and call the manufacturer.
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    Since you are handloading do you watch your OAL ? Do you have a 'go nogo' tool to check your rounds?