4595 Multiple ammo brand range test

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Shortround, Sep 8, 2017.

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    Got some range time in with the 4595 and multiple brands of factory ammo plus some reloads. Bullet weights ranged from 150-230 grains. Had zero malfunctions, all shooting was done off a rest at 15 yds with the factory peep sight. Everything grouped good some grouped excellent. The range only goes to 20yds has anyone tried 100yds plus with the 4595? I think it would make a great brush gun for pigs or for short range ground hogs.
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    With my 4595 sighted in @ 25 yards and shooting out to 100 yards I saw about 6" of drop from point of aim. Unfortunately I can't remember what brand I was shooting, it was 230 gr. factory loads, most likely Perfecta or Aguila.
    For those who don't load their own, 185 gr. fmj runs well for me beyond 50 yards. Not easy to find off the shelf but several online bulk reloading outfits sell it. Mine came from either Georgia Arms or N. Georgia Reloading.

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    Thanks for the input Wanderson I could live with a six inch drop. Do you remember what your groups looked like? Freedom Munitions also sells some accurat remanufactured ammo if you don't reload. 185's should be plenty for varmints and shoot a little flatter.
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    I shot mine at 100 yds last week. Shot my 230 gr cast and PC'd at a 12' gong. Way too much fun! Mine dropped about 12-13". Yours only dropped 6" with a 25 yd zero?
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  5. For hunting piggies I would think the 4095 would be better. My Hi-Point carbines are tweaked to 50yds. I am no marksman. I am not a hunter. Piggies are a problem a few counties over. Going after them is a fun idea. My hunting calibers will be .40, .223, and 7.62x39. AR15's, and AR47's will be the delivery vehicle.
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    All good choices, I have used .22,.45acp, .300 win mag, ya just gotta hit them in the right spot with whatever you are using.
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    Real men use air rifles to kill hogs. Where in TN are there hogs? I'd REALLY like to go shoot some bacon.
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    Besides east Tn. I know they're there.
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    Any bar.
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    The ones in Florida can be old and tough. lol oldbikerbar.jpg
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    Central TN, Maury County had a bad hog problem a while back. Just southwest of Nashville.
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    That's a lil over an hour from me depending on which part of Maury. I'll have to look into that. That had some in Montgomery county awhile back but I think they got those under control pretty quick.
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    Maury County has elephants, too.;)
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    It is said that there are lots of them over near Pertnear. That's really close to Nashville I guess.
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    There was a man in Mt Pleasant that brought some in and charged people to hunt on his land. It got out of control for a while. Not sure about now. I'll have to ask my family when I go down there soon. There were also a lot of hogs around Lawrenceburg and south to Alabama.
  17. disillusioned

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    The sanctuary?
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    We get them every few years when some asshat turns then loose. G&F put out open notices free hunting them on any land have to turn over the carcass to them so they can test them.
  19. I posted the Pigman TV video where a Gamo .177 dropped one.

    I have heard Wayne county. Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park. Not sure what county that is. No problems in Hickman that I know of...........so far. SWTN is where it's at.

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    They'll eventually make their way further into middle TN just like the armadillos. I know the TWRA has been pretty proactive about controlling them though.