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  1. Hdonly

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    Has anyone attempted to make a wooden stock for the carbines? I have been thinking about it and wondered what problems anyone that may have done this ran in to. I like wood and steel. Love my 4595 but just am not a black rifle fan.
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    I would love to have a Classic wood stock in any caliber?
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  3. SWAGA

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    Anything can be done.
    Just a matter of time and money. We've had several here that made a folding stock.
    Attaching a wood stock should therefore be feasible.
    What about the front handgrips though?
  4. Hdonly

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    My original thoughts were a complete wooden stock. The more I look and think about it, it just may not work very well. The inletting would make the wood too thin in many places. To do anything about that, you would probably end with a stock that is way too large on the outside to be comfortable. The magazine well and trigger assembly would be another problem. I am beginning to understand why no one is doing this. Not that it couldn't be done, but I now the effort involved just may not be worth it. Sure would look good though to us wood and steel folks. I am going to keep thinking about it though. Maybe some metal inside where the wood would be so thin. Here again, would it be worth the trouble? Probably not. Oh well, nevermind.
  5. A buddy of mine suggested using laminated plywood with steel reinforcements for the thinner areas. We concluded that weight would be an issue.
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    I know a guy here who is thinking about doing it. Have to wait and see
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    I planned on it, but got sidetracked so many times I just decided not to.
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    Oooooo...that would be tough(no pun intended). Laminated wood might work, but I think the first time you tried to break it down for a good cleaning, you might really run the risk of cracking the stock somewhere.

    It would look cool though.
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    NE Utah
    Maybe a thin wooden shell lined with Fiberglas, Acra-Glas, or some similar thing for the fore end?

    The problem would be connecting it to the gun, in a way allows the action cover to fit well. Longer bolts, probably, or reinforced holes.

    There's no reason you couldn't make the pistol grip a totally separate piece....I think.

    I like wood a lot, but I see no reason to do it. I feel the same way about ARs and Remington Nylon 66's, they are what they are, why try to make them fit a different world?
  10. Hdonly

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    I have found some high performance wood hardeners that impregnate wood with high strength resins. Might be the answer to the thin areas. Finish all the inletting and shaping, then soak the stock in one of these products. Would be similar to stabilized wood.

    Gun owners constantly remake their firearms fit in a "different world". That's just what we do. Take an SKS as a perfect example. They all came in wooden stocks ( except some Chinese plastic ). There are many styles of aftermarket stocks that are worlds apart from the original configuration.

    It's just part of the "Fun with Guns"
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    Wooden stock would be :cool:!
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah, that could be a way to go.

    You mean..."that's just what a few of us do."
    The other 90% of us don't fiddle with things that much. We appreciate that others feel the need, and we appreciate the effort, and sometimes the results.
    But most of us will simply buy the gun we want, instead of putting $1000 of work into a $100 gun to make it worth $150.:p

    Yeah, I despise those, I have some of them laying against the wall, across from the properly outfitted wood stocks that are on the guns now.;)
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    Just cheat. Even after holding this ive had people think it was wood.

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    I guess I am just a real wood guy. I like working with wood. I even made some armrests for my truck out of some oak that I had laying around. I recently got a small wood milling machine from my brother that is perfect for milling the inside of rifle stocks. Ordered some ball router bits to cut the barrel channel. Already have straight cutters. My brother builds guitars and got a larger machine for his work. I have also made several grips for various guns that I own. I am really locking forward to giving this stock a try, even it it doesn't work out. You never know till you try.

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    Very cool! Take lots of pics!:)
  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That looks a lot like the old "tenite" stock on my Savage-built JC Higgins .22.
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    Love the grips in that last picture!
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    I made the last ones from a left over piece my brother gave me. The rest of that piece is a guitar neck on oneof his builds. I get a lot of good scraps from him that are just the right size for handgun grips. He is the real wood worker though. Here is one of his guitars he made.

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