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  1. Thayldt21

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    I am still waiting on this thing!

    Has anyone heard anything about it yet??

    Maby glockman can give some of his insight and wisdom??
  2. Seems like the last I heard was that production had been pushed back a bit for some reason. All we can do is wait and see.

  3. Milehile

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    I heard, one more year due to higher volumes of orders. They are trying to fulfill the orders before they get to production.

    Edit: The orders of the models that are currently out that is.
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    The 4595 is an urban myth.
  5. Hi Point may be waiting to see how the political climate changes.

    No sense in spending the money to start production on a new weapon and then a possible new anti gun government bans anything bigger than a sling shot :shock:
  6. I called last week and was told they were working on the guns stock prototype,thats all she would say.... :roll:
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  8. Hi-Point has already made the 4595 as a prototype, and probably have all the tooling they need to put it into production. All they need now is the time to start producing the gun...Once they get done catching up on the 995 and 4095 orders they have yet to fill....
  9. of course the problem with that line of reasoning is:
    If you keep taking orders for the others you won't catch up, then we never get the stupid thing
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    Hi-Point has a full plate now with production demands, while the .45acp carbine itself is finished for the most part they are working on a new proto-type stock for it. The wood model of the stock is finished and then production of the stock would be the next step. I would say look for a 2008 Shot Show release.
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    Well As most know I have C-9 issues and contacted MKS supply.

    This was the reply on the 4595.

    Well that's no fun at all! Please call the Hi-Point factory toll-free at (866) 948-4867 (Mon. – Thurs. 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Eastern Time) to request the lifetime warranty replacement parts or lifetime warranty repair you need for your C-9. They’ll be able to help you.

    Nice try on the 4595! If I only had a nickel for every time somebody asked the same question - I could take one heck of a vacation!

    The factory has not started production for the .45 ACP carbine. In all honesty, we keep hearing "soon", but so far we haven't been given a definite date. We really don't see it being available before the end of the year or sometime in 2008.

    We will be updating our website www.hi-pointfirearms.com when the carbine is released and being shipped; please check on the site now and then for any news. We’ll be keeping you posted as best we can.

    MKS Supply, Inc.
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    The factory is definitely planning on releasing the 4595 soon. I just bought a .40 carbine and the box had two check boxes printed on it - one for the 4095 and one for the 4595.

    This must mean that the .45 will be the same length as the .40 whereas the 9 mm in one inch shorter (the box for the 9 mm is one inch shorter as well).
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    Sorry to kill your hopes, but hi-point has had that check box on thier boxes for a year now. I dont think that they will come out with the 4595 before late 08. They arent anywhere near putting them into production or they would be able to at least give a projected date.
  14. Good things come to those who wait. I think we all are tired of having to wait.
    A few more hand on the production line might help,or a whole lot more.
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    I dont think hi-point wants to expand it's production capacity. I am willing to bet that expanding production would mean having to relocate, add machinery, and add personell. They only run one model production at a time right now if I remember correctly, so running more than that would mean at the least adding extra machinery and people.

    That is a big jump for a small manufacturer to take in a political environment where half the politicans will only be happy when they take ALL of our guns away. I believe if I made firearms for a living I would hold off on any major investments until the 08 elections. I would be willing to bet that IF Hillary gets elected and we have a dem controlled house and senate that we will see some type new ban put into effect, with as many restrictions as they can get away with. I dont want to turn this in to a politoical debate, It is just my opinion that current politics play a role in the destiny of firearms dealers and manufacturers everywhere so surely it plays a role in thier business decisions as well.

    You are right about patience though, because if you want any other .45 carbine right now it will run you quite a bit more than the 4595 will when it comes out. Hopefully the new stock design will be a higher quality peice than what is on the current carbines as well. The ones now arent that bad, but it would be nice if they had a little more refined tactical look to them like the ati for the 995.
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    Hi Point .45 Carbine

    Hey Everyone Just Signed Up,

    I just talked to a Hi Point Rep. yesterday, the .45 carbine is in the works, no realease date as of yet, they have no plans at this time for anything for a .223 round, but they are also working on new stock style for the carbines. Seen the post thought i'd add what I knew.

    .40 Carbine
    .45 Pistol :)
  17. Welcome to the forum. thank you for the information, we are all ears when it comes to the 4595.

    I would really like to see the new stock that they are comming up with.
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    Whoa whoa whoah....Did GM say a WOOD Stock for the carbine????