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    I met my younger brother and my 14 year old nephew at the range today in Garland. Nathan, my nephew, is still learning to shoot his Axis 223 and did pretty good at 100 yds but needs to work on his breathing and trigger control. I worked with him for about an hour and he went from 4 inch groups to under 2 so at least he listened. :eek:

    I did shoot his axis and was impressed, I had 2 three round groups under 3/4 of an inch. I told Nathan that that is what practice does. He tried my 06 and did pretty well, he handled the recoil ok. My brother needs to get out shooting more as he was all over the target.

    I took them over to the pistol range and broke out the 4595, CZ75, and MK II. I went over operation of the firearms with Nathan and he followed the instructions well. :eek: Both he and my brother fired all three but by far their favorite was the 4595. They burned up close to 300 rds of ammo. After we packed up my brother asked where he could buy a 4595. Maybe we have another convert to the less expensive side of the force.

    By the way, the range was packed and 4595 was garnering more attention and comments than any of the tricked out AK's and AR's. Several people asked about pricing and availability. Of course sending a lot of rounds down range accurately with no failures helps. Also the carbine did its part and the center of all 12 targets were missing.

    The :eek: are for a teenager listening and following instructions.
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    Sounds like a fun day.

    In my experience, teenagers listen when a: it's not their parents talking, or b: it's something they are really interested in or c: their friends aren't around to distract them.

    Even then, sometimes it's a challenge for them.
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