4595TS Barrel replacement

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    I just got my carbine back from repair, they replaced the barrel due to it being what the tech described as corkscrewed. I'm happy with repair work, hipoint tech was polite, professional over the phone. took time to answer my questions afterward.
    Once I got it back I started putting all my accessories back on and noticed that when I put the Compensator back on I noticed about a 3/8" gap between the front site post and Compensator. I called hipoint and spoke to tech about it, he seemed puzzled. He told me the newer barrels are hardened different/better but told me they're the same length. I am hitting the machining lip inside the compensator with the end of barrel but there is a gap. Just wondering if anyone else had this happen. I even opened the gap the set screw is in. With my old barrel the compensator butted right up to front sight post. I don't see any other spaces in carbine. They sent it out and had it sighted in as part of repair process so I am reluctant to move the front sight. I will post a photo later once I'm home tonight. Thanks for any and all input.
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    You gotta move the front sight, that is the only variable.
    The HP tech did not want to tell you you're all wet or that
    they screwed up and placed the front sight too far back.
    They probably use an installation jig for uniformity... :D

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    Yea that makes sense, what I thought. Could they have changed or reassembled the bottom poly rail back too far? Everything looks snug and the front site post is fitted into bottom poly rail. I will recheck it again tonight.
    I will recheck the lower plastic assemblies front rail and bottom rail and other items to make sure something isn't set back wrong.

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    Is this the factory comp?
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    yes it is a factory comp
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    Well I rechecked lower poly rail that is next to front site post. It appears as though it was modified to set the front site post back a little deeper. I can see what looks like cut and file marks. So I'm not completely insane, and I'm leaving the gap and the site post as is.
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    I would just lose that silly under barrel rail, move the sight base where you want it, and call it good.;)

    But if you are happy, it's already good.:)
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    I'd take Ajole's advice,, about the only thing that rail is good for,, is filler in the bottom of the junk drawer.. :D