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I have to say, I just purchased a 4595TS, then, I purchased the cheapest 45acp, I could find, I shot maybe 2 clips thru it, and it fired flawlessly. In addition, I am a reloader, with my own cast bullets, using a dual cavity, 230 grain Lee mold. So I loaded up about 20 rounds, and they fired beautifully, and accuracy was as good as "I" am capable of. It is an absolute blast to shoot. AND as a side bar, I also have a hi point c-9, that I love. I was breaking down my C9 the other week and lost a part, I called them and they sent me 2 replacement 2 no cost, no questions ask.
Quite simply, they are in-expensive, reliable, and customer service 2nd to none. The FFL that performed transfer, is a gun snob, and he said I hope your not going to try to defend yourself or your home with this. He said they are big and bulky, and cheap. And I said you are correct, but I personally, like the looks, and I would NOT stand in front of one and see if it shoots or not, and he wouldn't either. They have loose tolerances, and are simple in design, wow, that is the same basic beauty of and AK-47. You just shoot these guns and break down and clean once in a while, run a bore brush down the barrel after every gun shooting session, and you are fine.
I wonder why your FFL decides to sell something that he considers "cheap"? Glad you like your rifle, and yes, I agree with you. Besides, these rifles are not pieces of junk....they have too good of a reputation.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts