.45ACP + CFE Pistol

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    Loading Xtreme 185gr FlatnPoint with CFE.
    CFE Pistol is newish so not much load data available.
    Anyone have any info for this combo?

    I've had good luck with Xtreme 9mm bullets using Unique
    115gr bullet with 5.1 grains

    Found an 8lb jug of the CFE Pistol recentlyat the LGS
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    COL 1.135” x.xgr CFE 185gr HDY JSWC 15,800 PSI

    This was the only data Hogdon had for 185gr .45 using the CFE. This their starting to load, but the pressure listed is above the limit listed by Xtreme

    Sorry, no load data is allowed to be posted on the open forum, for liability reasons.
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  3. Start here http://www.hodgdon.com/new_prod.html

    Scroll down and they have some data, max load I believe so start 10 or 15% under and work up from there. I did this for a new bullet with no load data and worked just fine.
  4. Remind me not to buy that powder it take twice as much as Bullseye or Titegroup for my 200 gr lead bullet.
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    NE Utah
    Exactly. However, it does take less than Longshot appears to require.
    I guess if it were the only powder around...but I've never had the need to deal with copper fouling.
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    I've been using Red Dot for my Xtreme 230gr PRN loads. Works fine and is easier to find then a lot of powders.