47 pounds and four hours later........

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  1. mmmmmmm man those things look good. Nothing like some fried turkey sandwiches.

  2. Soooo where do you live?????? LOL

    That stuff looks DEEEEELICIOUSSSS
  3. Wheres my care package?!!1
  4. we usually reserve this platitude for those who get neat new weapons but I think it applies here as well.

    You Suck.

    Man, does that look gooooooood!!!!!


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    YA!! show us good food and then don't share it You're not nice BOO!! HISS!! :wink:
  6. I had Red Lobster tonight, and now I am all of a sudden as hungry as a hostage! Man those birds look good!
  7. Yep, I got a turkey fryer also and they sure are good.

    I use pure peanut oil. What do you use?
  8. That's the only thing about peanut oil, that crap is EXPENSIVE!!! Hey, it all tastes good, so I guess I really don't care.
  9. Alton Brown says peanut oil is the way to go. He says to filter it through cheese cloth when your done and it can be reused several times. Other oils either burn up or go rancid.
  10. Alright been thinking about frying a turkey for awhile now, but after seeing those my mind is made up. I will be frying one this weekend.
  11. I gotta get a giant fryer now. Be sure to be careful guys. These things are dangerous arounf crazy pets and children... And drunks.