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5.11 clothing

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never thought i liked the tactical clothing line, but i got 5 pairs of pants, each in a different color and fabric type and 2 shirts for $125!!!! Communication and ordering was flawless, got the order in 3 days USPS and everything fit perfect (i'm kinda hard to fit sometimes, 36 inseam) now they got the 5.11 jeans for $19.99 gotta order.

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Only thing about 511 gear, some BG will see you init and think your LEO Most cops or undercover folksa where it
yeah i know, but man is it comfortable. the lightweight tac pants are great..dude it hit 115 here yesterday with a dust storm! gotta dress light.
OMG I want thos gag ACU patches for my next FTX! :rofl:

i know some of it is tactigay, but i really like the lightweight pants.
Probably my favorite pair of pants that I own are my 5.11 tacticals in khaki. Comfy, breathe, tough, plenty of pockets. I always wear them for idpa.
Another flawless order from them. 1 pair 5.11 original pants, 1 pair of the new tac jeans, and 1 pair of the HRT swat pants, for $59.96 shipped. dang they got great prices!
I am planning on buying some 5.11 pants this week from that site.. Heard of the site from the handgun podcast. Did you get your free belt with them? as for the UC cop bit.. I look like a cop.. EVEN when I'm trying not to be when driving my cab.. Yellow shirts and taxi badge hanging off my neck.. Actually had thugs run out of the store when I walk in... Never gets old.. LOL :D
free belt? i got 4 of them!! they are some stiff, thick, unforgiving leather though. prolly would make a decent gun belt until it broke in and started to roll. i just hang them in my closet and wear my Maxpedition Liger belt. bread for it's skills and magick
How big are the belts? I'll take them off your hands if you want! :D I'm needing a new one anyways.. Wore out both BDU belts I like wearing with my jeans. But still planning on buying these pants.. If not the 5.11... the LAPG ones.. they look the same oddly enough but.. looks can be decieving.
LA Police Gear keeps drawing me in with their deals on pants. They're great, comfortable...and in my area, I doubt anyone would realize they're tacticool.
from what i read on the reviews, plus they are backordered, the LA pants run small, so order one up if they have your size in stock. i will always go with their 5.11's though. i have a 38" waist and 36" legs and can't find pants anywhere. shoot here on the border it seems like everyone wears a 44x30, too many burritos here for some folks, that's all the pants sizes they had a wally world. now that i found LA they got my biz for pants all day long since they have 36 length and an unhemmed length also. the belts that i got were XL and are thick leather.....watcha got in trade???? :angel: i'm interested in how these HRT pants are gonna be, you order in L, XL, XL long, etc. come with free knee pads! prolly be range pants.
Well if you're into computers.. got a couple of computer cases and a crossman holster i need to get rid of... Seriously... if you don't break my bank... i'll siphon off a few bucks while the old lady's not watching for your trouble.
I got some really great boots from a 5.11 for like 80 dollars/ They are really comfy and got the zipper on the side where I don't always have to do the ton of laces to get them on.
i got the new jeans and they are great. a .357 in the gun pocket kinda hurts though! is that a .357 or are you just glad to see me!
not, 5.11 but I just placed another order from those guys. Got a pair of lapg brand bdu pants in OD, they're on the way. Also got a 5.11 double ar mag pouch, couple of the .99 cent hats on sale, two padded rifle cases, some paracord, and a polo for 75 bucks.
amazing aint it. they have really cleaned up their act from all of the bad reviews they received about a year ago.
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