5.7x28: An answer in search of a question?

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  1. w_houle

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    What is up with this round and people falling ing in love with it? Oddly enough whatever that question was the commies answered it a long time ago with two answers; 1) 5.45x39 and 2)7.62x25 and for those who like US rounds then why is this round good and the 5.56x45 bad for rifle or if you are looking for something siminar you could also go with the .357 sig or if you have to have an itty bitty round, then why not the .17 Remington Fireball?

  2. griff30

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    I agree with that. I laugh at the cost of the ammo when 5.56 is much much cheaper and a PLR16 is $500. Plus 30 round mags are dirt cheap.
  3. Silicon Wolverine

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    the biggest factor with it is in military form it can penetrate almost any body armor out there. Thant and its uber-cool factor from video games give the round and the guns that fire it major "street cred". Heck if i had 2000 bucks to blow id buy a PS90 in a heartbeat.

  4. The coolness factor of the guns its chambered for is the driving force in the 5.7x28 popularity. Guys who have a $800 pistol and a $1500+ carbine go to the range and like the attention they get for having a really cool gun that shoots a itty bitty boolet at super high speeds.

    I would love to see this round chambered in a bolt rifle, something like a Marlin 925M or a super cool CZ bolt rifle, would be a fun reloadable paper shooter and varmit round.
  5. Ari

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    I too would like to see it out of a bolt gun. But when it comes to rifle .223 works just fine and is way cheaper to shoot.

    I saw where a guy is making sabot rounds for the CZ-52 that is moving 2000fps
  6. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    sabot rounds have been made in 5.56 and .30 for years by handloaders. The military tried them in the 60s and discovered (as some handloaders have) that sabot rounds tend to come out teh side of your barrel every so often.

  7. 1motion

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    if someone offered it in a ruger 10/22 type carbine people would go nuts with it... i like the 20 round pistol mags and the low recoil, i dont plan on shooting anyone with body armor any time soon but it would be a fun varmit round
  8. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    rhineland made an AR upper for it that used PS90 mags but they're out of buisness if that gives you any indication of how popular thier product was.

  9. Kagern

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    100% coolness factor of the P90. The ammo is ridiculously expensive, and was designed from the get-go to use one bullet (Forgot the NATO number, armor-piercing anti-personnel)... Which isn't available to civilians.

    A wrongful death attorney would bust his nut the second he heard you used it on his client to... Sir, please tell the jury why you chose to acquire a weapon designed by the military for the explicit purpose of creating a small, manageable weapon which will punch through any police or military body armor?
  10. AGuyNamedMike

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    and a pity, too...


  11. psysage

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    I have a PS 90 and I love it.
    It was my fantasy weapon so I saved and purchased it. I am reloading( as soon as I get my money back from gov) so the cost of ammo in the long run is not too bad.

    I have found it to be good for about 150 yards, it is lighter and better actual ballistic performance vs short barreled 10-14 .223 in ballistic gel.
    I have found it very accurate and I am taking it small game and coyote hunting.
    People have used it to hunt pig and some people hunt small deer with it.

    The damage that I have seen it do on a coyote was more devastating then from my mini 14 at about the same range (not really sure why both were using hornandy vmax bullets at the time. :?: )

    Now .223 is a great round when used 16" barrels or greater and damage is greater then. And it is certainly cheaper to purchase.

    I like it because 50 rounds in the handiest configuration you can get and for an urban environment 150 yard is plenty.

    I wish other guns were made for it, including a Hi-Point that would be great.

  12. w_houle

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    Now that would be funny!
  13. I like the pistol and the ps90.

    I would get one in a sec if I had the money. A friend of mine has both I have shot them and they are great weapons. I am for sure a fan. Espically after seeing some of the wound data on this round/