5 Gift Giving Ideas for the Gun Lover This Giving Season
by Kirk Lawson

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The holiday gift giving season is upon us. We will be eating delicious foods and, more importantly, celebrating with family and friends. Part of that celebration is gift giving. Judging by statistics, there are more firearms owners than ever particularly first time firearms owners. You may have never thought about giving a firearms related gift until now. Here are are 5 gift ideas.

1) Ammunition:
Cost: Starts at about $7

A box of .22 Long Rifle may be as little as about $6-8 for 50 rounds. A box of 9mm practice ammunition may be as little as about $10 for 50 rounds. Hunting ammunition for rifles or self defense ammunition for pistols are more expensive. In any case, ask the recipient what caliber of ammunition they need.

2) Gun Club/Shooting Range Membership:
Cost: Less than $100 to several hundred dollars per year.

Commercial ranges are open to the general public and usually offer annual membership and may sell gift certificates for hourly range time. Many "Clubs" first require membership and annual dues. Check around to see what is in your area or ask the recipient if there is some place they prefer.

3) Targets:
Cost: About $10 or $15 for self marking "splatter targets" such as the Shoot-N-C brand. About $100 for a "bleeding zombie" target. $210 for Rubber Dummies starter kit. Thousands of dollars for a complete set of quality steel targets and gongs.

All of these types of targets offer advantages and high levels of fun. Not all ranges will allow steel targets, Rubber Dummies, or even targets not purchased there so be sure of where they will be used before buying.

4) Laser Training System:
Cost: Starting at around $50-$90 and going up to over $300.

There are several options including those which use a "laser bullet," your gun, and interface with a smart phone such as iTarget and G-Sight. Products such as from LaserLyte and LeserPET offer more features and gizmos or you could go all out for a "blue gun" kit.

5) Training/Classes:
Cost: Less than $100 for introductory classes.

NRA Basic classes can often be found for under $100 or even less. Intermediate level classes by local trainers can run $250 and up depending on the class and the area of the U.S. Classes with famous and in-demand instructors can start at $500 or more. The 250 level Pistol Class at Gunsite Academy, for instance, currently costs about $1,700 for a 5 day course, plus travel and ammunition, etc.