5 (more) Gift Giving Ideas for the Gun Lover This Giving Season
by Kirk Lawson

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1) Clothing
Cost: $30 and up

Concealed carriers need specially designed belts and clothing designed to help support or keep their gun from prying eyes. At the bottom end is Uncle Mike's brand belts but prices and quality can rapidly rise. Quality belts and pants can cost over $100. Either specifically ask the recipient what they want or need or, alternately, give a gift certificate.

2) Range Bags and Carts
Cost: $30 and up

A range bag is more durable than a mere duffel bag and specially designed for the task. Expect small range bags to start at around $30. For someone who already has range bags, consider gifting a cart. These are anything from a two-wheel hand-truck, through 3-wheel carts similar to a kid-carrier, up to a 4-wheel pull cart similar to a heavy duty "little red wagon." Costs for hand-carts range between $100 and $400.

3) Hearing Protection
Cost: $10-$400

Some shooters like disposable foam plugs but these require regular replacement. Standard "ear muffs" are convenient but, like foam plugs, dampen all sound. Electronic ear muffs will transmit safe levels of sound in to the ear while blocking out dangerous sound levels. At the top end are electronic ear plugs, combining the comfort of ear plugs with the advantages of electronic muffs of only blocking out dangerous sound levels.

4) Holsters
Cost: $50-$200

Concealed carry holsters have a lot to do. They have to keep the gun held safely place while allow easy and safe draw and helping to keep the gun hidden. Competitive shooters also need specialty holsters and gear for their sport. Kydex (a kind of plastic) is all the rage these days because it offers a lot of advantages but many still love the classic look, feel, and smell of leather. Because the holster needs to be specifically made for each model of handgun, this is another place where you should ask the recipient what he needs or give a gift certificate.

5) Membership in a Firearms Advocacy organization
Cost: $10-$50

While the National Rifle Association (NRA) is important and effective at advocating for the rights of their members, with membership at $30, household "associate" memberships for $10, and Junior memberships for $15, there are other advocacy organizations. There is the Second Amendment Foundation, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and state level organizations for every state such as Buckeye Firearms Association for Ohio, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, and the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.