50 cal metal ammo boxes $9

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  1. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    053808F2-CA12-4F1F-A22B-FC56230919CD.jpeg reduced at Wally World !
  2. I saw them at my Wallyworld after I had just purchased some ammo.

    Didn't have a chance to look them over.

    Do they have a rubber lid seal? Hope so, I need to get about a dozen if they look as durable as the military cans are.

  3. Fracman

    Fracman Member

    Turn them into six pack coolers
  4. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    They appear to be very similar to military style if not the same
  5. The ones I got do.
  6. Twisty

    Twisty Simple by choice Supporting Member

    Got one today.

    Including the 1000 rds of 9mm I just HAD to order to put in it.
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  8. Picked up 4 of the ammo cans. They seem to be built quite well. I noticed they don't have locking capabilities, but I can overlook that until I get to the Indoor Trade/Swap Mart and see if they have any real military ammo cans from one of the vendors that sells military clothing and other supplies.