50 yd. Sight in.

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  1. Last week i decided to sight this bad boy in at 50Yards. I kind of decided that would be best yardage for the 9mm.

    All the red circles are groups i started WAY high from the factory. (which was dead on at 25 yard BTW)

    Adjusted down and considered it good with the green circle group (9 shots)

    This was all using Tula steel. and honestly im quite pleased. would like to try some higher dollar stuff and see if it shoots even closer.
    All shots were standing supported by the tail gate of my CRV.
  2. SWAGA

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    So you adjusted from head shots to hit shots? ;)

  3. yes, because i was aiming at the x when i was getting said "head shots"

    if i was aiming at the head, the rounds would have been off the paper :eek:
  4. SWAGA

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    My joke got lost because of spellcheck .....:(
  5. Rachgier

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    Not too shabby there Sir.

    The better you get at 50, the easier it will be at 25.

    I noticed that my 4095 doesn't care what I feed it in regards to accuracy. I've mixed different brands of ammo in the same mags and shot from a bench and it was still dead nuts where I aimed it. Maybe the 995 is a bit more quality sensitive. Either way, good shooting.
  6. That's interesting Rach i wonder if at these short distances ammo quality might not be an issue.

    I was real happy with these in such an informal setting.
    Maybe i should lug a picnic table and sand bag out. go from just sighting in to honestly seeing what the capability is of the gun
  7. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Well not to brag or anything but....

    4095TS @75 yards, offhand, 3-9x40mm on 3x for optics, shooting 180gr RNFP.

  8. planosteve

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    Try that with just a red dot Ratch. Also for some reason tula shoots 3 inches low out of my 4595. Every other FMJ hits point of aim at 25 yds.
  9. Rachgier

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    I'm taking a break from going through the house and packing up non-essential stuff but later tonight when I call it quits for the day I think I have some iron sight target pics somewhere. I'll try to ferret them out and post them up.
  10. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I am just too lazy to put a scope on mine. Red dot is quick on the target.
  11. I'm going to stick with irons.
    Glass is expensive it goes on the 336 for deer.
    Honestly I love these peep sights.
  12. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I went back to the irons. Had the BSA RDS that came with it, didn't like it. Had a spare scope floating around, seemed like way too much overkill.
  13. planosteve

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    The red dot I am use is about 25 years old and works like a champ. I am too cheap to replace it.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    It's all about velocity. More velocity, higher hits, generally.

    Then...it's about consistency. Good ammo is consistently the same velocity, no matter if it's fast or slow. That's where groups come from, once you factor in the way the bullets and barrel interact.

    I have a pic here somewhere of a 995 shooting a very nice 5 shot group on the bull, then spreading a 5 shot group of a different ammo about 3 inches higher, at 25, thats 12 MOA, give or take.
  15. So ajole. Can you post a pic of your best 995 shot?
    I do want to know how Acurate it can be.

    I was feeling pretty good about my shots until I came here.
    Kind of like the big fish in the pond goes to the sea. Lol.
    Regardless it's a fun shooter. I'm doing my best to stay out of competitions on reddit.
    Or shooting just cause I feel like it to save ammo.

    When will the 22lr come back down :-(
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Rach already showed how accurate it can be...he can shoot!

    This was 25 yards, standing unsupported, red dot. I loaded one mag with 5 HSM commercial reloads, and then 5 Wolf. The Wolf was dead on, the HSM wasn't.

  17. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Very nice. I am more into acceptable accuracy with the carbine. It is not a match gun or a sniper rifle and I do get a chuckle from people who try to turn it into one. As swaga would say it is what it is. All I require is consistant head shots at 50 yds standing. That is more than adequate for zombies and other vermin. If i want to poke an eye out I will go to one of my bolt guns.
  18. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I agree. My stint with the scope was more of an "I wonder if..." trial. It'll do it, but it's like you said. Everything has its purpose and tack driver is not one of them for my 4095 but now I can definitively say accuracy issues won't be the carbine's fault.
  19. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I have found that a majority of my accuracy issues are in order: me, loose mount or rings, loose iron sights, or barrel issues.