500 + 995 = Terrible Twosome

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    I went to the range today with the Terrible Twoesome:


    The Mossy has the 8 round tube and I have a 20 inch (pictured) and a 28 inch barrel. I wanted to try some slugs so I put on the 28 inch barrel, set the target up and let her rip:

    You'll noitce there are only two hits in my five round group but hey, that 8 inch target is really little at 100 yards with just a bead site.

    Rifled slugs are kind of expensive though so then I got out the carbine. It is realatively new. I fired it once before at the indoor range but I wanted to try it with some distance so I set up at 75 and 100 yards.

    I had set a couple of targets up at each distance and at first it was shooting way left then I adjusted the rear site:

    75 yards - WWB - Iron Sites - 10 rounds - 8 inch Target
    (the holes along the right edge are from the target to the right before the site adjustment.)

    100 yards - WWB - Iron Sites - 8 rounds - 8 inch Target
    (1 hole off the circle high and a little right and 1 off the target all together.)

    I had a great time! I also took my C9 and my XD. I went through 300 rounds of 9mm, a box of AA Target load and the five slugs.
  2. Good shooting man. Where do you shoot indoors in Colorado???? Whistling Pines???

    Are you reloading yet????

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    Yeah, Whistling Pines is really nice. I have a couple of guest passes if you're interested. The only problem is its only 25 yards long. They are building an indoor tactical range next door though. That should be really nice.

    No. At the rate ammo prices are climbing though I may have to look into it.
  4. I am a member there as well. When I get back tp the srpings we will have to go do some shooting!

    Thats awesome! Reloading is a pretty easy process. get a reloading manual and start slow.
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    I'm up for that!