.50AE Rifle for Primal

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  1. Found Primal Seal the perfect rifle to go with his .50AE Desert Eagle pistol...


    Forkin/Marlin 1894 .50 AE Custom built rifle....

    Price is a bit steep, but anything in .50AE is steep. $1,395 (customer supplies rifle


    Forkin Custom Classics
    P.O. Box 444
    10th Ave. SW
    White Sulphur Springs
    MT 59645
    (406) 547-2344
  2. Good find RFH, thats a nice gun but sitting here thinking about it I've seen rifles cost way more then that in alot smaller caliber which I'm sure you know you know alot more about guns then I do lol But anyway I hope primal don't empty his bank account on this one haha :)

  3. I am a big fan of pistol/rifle combo's and besides the AR that's the only other long gun I have seen chambered for .50AE. Little expensive but it would make a darn fine addition for someone who owns a Desert Eagle in .50AE
  4. I want one in 460 S&W, that would be as cool as the 50 AE
  5. That is nice. Have to love a rife and handgun that take te same round!!!!
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    Oh, very nice. I love a good Marlin.

    I've often wondered why nobody ever thought to make a .50ae carbine or SMG. Sure, not the most tactically sound weapon, but you know there are people who'd buy it just for the Freudian factor.