7.62 x 54 corrosive vs. non-corrosive

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  1. I read some where online today that there is no such thing as a non-corrosive 7.62 x 54 ammo, no matter what the box says. What do you think ?

    I found the link, look at #6 thru 8

  2. That's crap. ALOT of the MN surplus ammo from the Eastern Bloc countries do have corrosive ammo. The corrosive parts aren't in the powder, it's in the primers. All this does is add 1 extra step to your cleaning process by running a patch with windex on it down the barrel to neutralize the salts.

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    I have never seen any Non-Corrosive surplus ammo in 7.62x54...
  4. Where should I go to buy this ammo (cheap) ?

    I haven't looked yet because I'm in the process of over-hauling the gun.
    Will a gun shop have it, Walmart ?

    Gun shows don't come thru the area much or I have no way of knowing if the did, but we have one about 100 miles away next weekend. Should I go down there looking ?

    Is there a website with gun show schedules ?
  5. I acutally get the Wolf non-corrosive new manufacture ammo for $6.99 a box of 20 at my local gun store. The milsurp ammo is $4.99 a box, and is just as accurate.
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  7. Basically if its surplus figure its corrosive, but as Primal said its not a big deal to clean up.

    They do make modern non corrosive 7.62x54R (wolf is one mfg) but it is more expensive.
  8. I picked up a couple of 20 round boxes of Brown Bear ammo this morning to get started with at $9.99 a box. This will allow me to shoot some and get her sighted in.
    I'm going to a gun show next weekend to see if I can find some stuff.
  9. Wolf, S&B, Barnaul "Bear" lines and Winchester are non corrosive.
  10. hitmanharleyk,

    One can never have too much ammo!!! :)

    As far as the Bulgarian Heavy and Light ball, I have never shot it before, perhaps someone else will chime in.

    I have shot thousands of rounds of corrosive mil-surp ammo and been shooting black powder firearms for over 20 years, never had an issue with corrosion because I clean the bores up with hot soapy water, dry well and apply a lube to the metal. As soon as I am done shooting I give the bores a good swabbing at the range with bore solvent then apply a lube coat to keep it from flash rusting till I get home and can do a proper cleanup. Guys who shoot nothing but cartridge firing weapons, or modern inlines, balk at the hot soapy water cleanup method, but guys who shoot traditional style muzzleloaders swear but it. Been using this method for over 20 years and never had a problem with rust in my mil-surps or muzzleloaders.

    Sweets 7.62 solvent and Ballistol work very well at cleaning up after shooting corrosive ammo, and can be used as an alternative to the hot soapy water method. Best method to get the corrosive salts from your bore and chambers is the dilution method. Basically you use enough solvents/hot water to dilute, neutralize and flush out the salts, then apply a lube coat and your bores stay nice and clean.

  11. Found a gun Show 35 miles from the house tomorrow, I'm gonna go down there and see what I can round up.


    Maybe I can find some cheap ammo.
  12. Picked up 80 rounds of steel cased ammo at the gun show for $20, it is yellow tipped. I have no idea of where it is from, but I'm assuming it is corrosive.
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    That should be the heavy ball like 172gr round... I think the standard 7.62x54 is like 147gr
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    your very wise to Assume it is corrosive.

    Just remember to use some of the tips the guys give on how to clean. I personaly use the windex method.

    Have fun and tuckk that mule in tight. wouldn't want you to have to much of a sore shoulder. :)
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    I do the windex thing too. I do it at the range while the gun is still hot
  16. I want to think the guy said it was 187 or 184 gr. maybe.

    He said they were sniper loads ??
  17. Thunderstolen. Thats what I was going to say.

    Pretty much any modern brass reloadable stuff is non corrosive like the winnie and S&B. Doesn't Barnaul make some more expensive brass boxer primed stuff as well?
  18. I need to invest in some more reloadable ammo for my MN as well, that way I can get away from buying all that steel cased stuff and work up some hunting loads.