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  1. .38sogreat

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    Just got a Mosin Nagant 1895 Revolver does anyone know where I can get 7.62x.38 rounds for less than an arm and a leg? Best I've found is 50 rounds for $32.
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    Thats about par for nagant pistol ammo. An option is to buy a conversion cylinder and shoot .32 S&W or .32 H&R ammo.


  3. From what I have studied, there is no need to use 7.62x38. .32 S&W Long works fine although it is underpowered. The .32 H&R Magnum works right on par.
  4. .38sogreat

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    yea I kinda looked into a conversion kit it does look cool with the smooth cylinder too. Anybody know a good place to order the conversion kit?
  5. unclerob

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    J&G Sales

    Depending on how much 7.62x38 you are going to buy, this might save you a few dollars.
    Probably would not be worth it for just 1 box, but who knows?

    They have the convertion cylinder too
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    Has any one actually TRIED this? I'm very curious since J and G had them for about $75 when I was down there two weeks ago, and while I'd LOVE to get a compliment to the M44 project, I'm worried about two things:

    -IF I attempt loading something other than the proscribed ammo in it, if I'm going to be one of those lucky "One in every 50,000" cases where the idiot tolerances aren't correct and it goes boom

    -If I try to stick with the proscribed ammo and even try loading my own, is it still cost effective to spend another $60 on the conversion cylinder.

    My thoughts are that if they made a conversion cylinder, then there is some risk of modern ammo not working in the stock cylinder. Would love to see someone on video bench test this idea.
  7. I still have 12 boxes of the Russian yellowbox ammo....$14.95/40 rds

    Wanted to buy more but it disappeared....
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    SOG sells it for like $24.99 for a box of 50
  10. bucfan

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    but i as well have shot 32H&R mag
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    From what I read, .32 H&R magnum is more powerful than the original military 7.62x38, the case isn't fully supported by the cylinder, and the bullet diameter is also .003 bigger than the bullets the gun was designed for.
    I'm ordering a Nagant, but I'm getting a .32 acp cylinder to go with it. Partially for cost but also because the bullet diameter is 100% suitable for the pistol.
  12. Wolf was supposed to have Nagant Pistol ammo out by the end of last year. But I have yet to see it for sale. I's all that is keeping me from buying one