7.62x54R Subsonic Load

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    7.62x54R Subsonic load data for my custom 16" Mosin Nagant using the Hornady 208gr. A-MAX and IMR Trailboss.

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    Ha! That's funny! I have used TB in some mosin loads before. Seems like I ended up right about where you are 10 gr or so. I had to let the neighbors 11 yr old fire a few of those before I gave him a full power mil-surp. He liked the TB better lol!

    I am going the opposite direction right now. I have found some 62gr .311 rifle projectiles and am working up to max pressure with a few different powders. Hoping to get them all worked up then hit a chrono to see how fast the are. I'm betting I can get 3600 out of these things. Right now I'm working up 3031. Have gone from 48 to 53 gr. 53 hits right at the bottom of the projectile. No pressure signs yet. I have 4064 to do next. Also going to use 4350, Benchmark, Varget and CFE 223.
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