$700... *drool*

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    JUNK! Ill say that again JUNK! I owned one. First range trip i made it through three rounds and cracked the upper reciever. three weeks later after a trip to the factory and a new upper i had it back. 28 rounds later it cracked AGAIN! another three weeeks and a trip to teh factory and i had it back. I dumped it on a pawnshop and got back most of my money.


  2. spend 300 less and get a kel tec plr16............
  3. Really? I looked at the KT but I have a soft spot for Bushmaster (the first AR I ever shot)
  4. I don't like the look of AR pistols at all with that giant dildo sticking out the rear of them.

    I do like the Keltec thingy though.

    Personally, I'm going to build one of my AK kits as a pistol. Always thought they looked much better than AR pistols.
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    Yeah, that gun just doesn't really do it for me...
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    I remember on the old forum SW's troubles with his pistol.
  7. For the same amount of money you can build your own AR-15 and have it customized to your preference. Way too much money for a POS.
  8. Way to ruin the dream guys... ok... you've convinced me... but the one I shot was nice as get all!
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    While they have gotten a bad rep with the carbon 15's, Bushmaster makes some fine weapons. Just stick with a forged metal upper and lower and you will be fine.
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    You can get a PLR 16 cheaper.
    I had a Bushmaster and never again will I have one. It would only take mathcgrade 5.56 NOT .223. anything other than federal was stove pipeing.
    I almost would not have gotten the PLR 16 if it was not a gift.
    I would REALLY look into a 308 rifle or pistol for reliability and REAL power.
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    don't do that either. never fire one but several i know say they are cheap. quality not just price.
  12. The problem with the Carbon-15 is you must shoot them slow, which makes the picture of the 30 round mag pretty funny. If you allow it to heat up, say good night.
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    That's interesting. Mine fires anything I put through it. I bought it new about 15 years ago, but never used it much. Lately, I've been using it more. The only thing I replaced was the old magazine black followers with Magpul followers, huge difference! There is an occassional problem with some types of ammo: Wolf-brass cased sometimes blows the primers out which can jam up the bolt. Steel case Wolf shows no evidence of primer blowout.
  15. I'd love one, but I was looking for a medium range long gun.
  16. Why?