75 rounds thru the 995 today with pretty good results

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  1. I was please with the grouping and I had 5 FTF's, but the all came from one clip (out of 3 I was using) and it was loaded with a lupa mag loader.
    About the time I thought I haven't had a FTF, I had one :roll: and then I loaded the mags again for another round and I had 4 back to back.
    I think maybe it got them a little nose down and it was causing the problem, not the 995.

    I still only have about 100 rounds thru the gun so far rotating the clips, still breaking it in.

    Here's the results. This one is from about 30 to 35 yards (guessing) I had the gun apart putting a trigger in and didn't know how bad the Red Dot would be off. By the way, I prefer to use the green dot setting !

    This one is from about 60 to 65 yards. I had the target hanging on a tree with a vine and tied with another vine, it keep blowing with the wind. I thought this was pretty good for a moving target. A couple of the shots were thru the back side because the wind flipped it !

    Can't wait to go out Tuesday or Wednesday to waste some more ammo.