8 vs 10 rnd mags

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8 or 10 rnd mag?

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 1:28 AM.
  1. 8 ... I like it flush

  2. 10 ... the more lead, the merrier

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  1. Which one do you vote for and why? I decided that I'd like a couple of more mags - I'm not sure what I prefer...
  2. TnShooter83

    TnShooter83 Guest

    I voted 10 rounds.
    Not that 8 will not do.
    But in the case I need 2 more rounds...I'll have it?

  3. I voted for 10. I'll never give up my 8 rounder as I may need it someday.
  4. Kyu

    Kyu Senior Member Member

    I voted 8 rounder. The 10's are just too bulky for my liking.
  5. The 8 round mags seem more reliable to me.
  6. 8 round hands down. the 10 round has too many ftf problem new in the box, and when it's in the gun, bottom part is a bit loose and some time need a little spanking to make it feed better.
  7. urotu

    urotu Member

    I prefer the look of the 8 round, but the capacity of the ten.

    I don't know what to tell you other guys, but I have no feed issues with my 10 rounder, works just as well as the 8, just holds two extra rounds. I do seat all my rounds solidly to the back of the magazine, but itherwise just shoot that bad boy.

    I didn't vote because of my dilemna.
  8. 8- If you havn't hit it in the first 8 the other 2 won't matter.And thay might just make whatever it is p-----ed.
  9. I gave it some long thought, but this sums it up.
  10. 10 One can never have enough ammo.
  11. Peter W. Wickham, Jr. ( a pro second ammendment columnist) was once interviewed on a subject similar to this and his response was classic.

    Q: Why carry a gun with 14 rounds (Springfield Armory XD45)?
    A: In case I'm attacked by 14 criminals.

    Q: But if you carry a gun, why do you carry a knife?
    A: In case there's a fifteenth.
  12. Or in case I can't reload fast enough.
  13. 8rd: I like the fit when I use a two hand grip and cup my left under my right hand.
  14. Nah...T10rd all the way baby. You know what they say about a guy with big hands. He needs a Big gun. :wink:
  15. BSK

    BSK Guest

    I like the extension on the 10 round magazine. Makes the gun handle better im my opinion
  16. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    I selected the 8 rounder because with it installed, it fits my hand perfect, and nothing is more important than a gun that fits!!

    Besides, I've found one piece of advice that I got from a monk when I was a kid still applies today when it comes to what you have on hand:

    "If you are aware of yourself and those around you, you will always have enough. When you do not have enough, you have squandered. Buddha never fasted, nor did he gorge. He ate until he was full, and it was enough."

    Makes you think about your shot placement, and if something does happen, it paints the defender in a better light when they have their stock allotment of rounds instead of an extended mag (Not that 10 is an insane ammount) when the attacker only is equipped with a single shot shotgun or the like. Courts are weird on bits like that.
  17. 8 rounder for me. The feel is good in my hand and the look is good to my eye.
  18. p7196

    p7196 Guest

    I voted for the 8. It looks better than the 10 in the weapon. If it comes down to needing the 2 extra rounds, I should have spent more time at the range. If I can't stop the BG with 8 or in my case 16 then the other 4 are not going to help much.
  19. madmedic5

    madmedic5 Guest

    10 for me bg s travel in packs sometimes
  20. BSK

    BSK Guest

    im wondering why some of you guys mention looks when it comes to the magazines.