800+ rounds.....and still going strong

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    I bought the HP C9, I have the 8 rd mag (standard) and a 10 rd mag (i bought it). Neither have EVER failed to fire or failed to feed. I am extremley impressed with this gun, for $159 I got a gun that goes through 9mm 115gr Blazer, and 115gr mag-tech rounds like a champ. I have tested this gun to the fullest, from fast shooting, to 8+1 and 10+1 loading, and everything in between, I have never hand an issue, like HP says, I run a bore snake through it every 300 rds or so, and its perfect. I am highly considering making this my CCW, since I am a bigger guy it is easy to hide on my frame. Also, I have shot Glock 21, SF XD, Sigma SW, and Ruger .357, and the only one to jam so far is SF XD. I don't get why people talk sh!t, just b/c its 150 gun, who cares is shoots everytime and I would trust my life to it. :D
  2. Great news! I had several misfeeds in my first 250 - 300 rounds. I thought "break-in needed" maybe? But this last time out using Wolf and Remington I had no failures; when I shot WWB I had 2 FTF's. I think it may be a bad batch of WWB.

    And I am one of the minority that thinks the gun looks great. I am hoping to take my permit class soon and then carry my C9. Of course, here in Tennessee, I can carry my C9 and my CF380 if I so choose.

    Redneck heaven :!:

  3. Hey congrats and good on ya! You've had the same experiences many of us have. Keep at it and let us know how she goes.
  4. good job. my c9 never disappoint me. only one problem so far, about 1000 rounds, the fire pin spring seem weaken. after i call HP after two days i received a new set and now shoot like new again. i was careful the first 500 rounds, never fully load the mag always -1 and only 3 miss feed, and after 500 round the gun function perfectly.
  5. uh, and i feed any cheap ammo i can get my hand on, wwb, blazer brass are the usual. also fire couple time other brand name, don't feel any different.
  6. Today I had 120 rounds of ammo I bought from a local gun show and a 100 WWB. I started with the 120 rounds from the show and was having FTF left and right. I was pissed!!!!after ejecting may FTF rounds I started inspecting them and noticed the FMJ was pushed right into the brass!!! I used my leatherman to pull the FMJ bullet from the brass casing!!!! NO WADDING & ABOUT 1/2 FILLED!!!!! No freakin wonder I kept getting so many FTF's. I there that crap back to the bag and broke out the WWB. No jam's or feed issues eccept I had two FTF on the last round of the ten shot clip!!! The spring is very weak for only being a week old!!!! I think I am going to call about the clip, because it should not have such a week tension.