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    I'm currently in a bit of a budget crunch but still have that new sexy gun urge. I'm saving all my pennies for this one. I want to do the bullpup unlimigted stock around the 870(BECAUSE THEY WON'T HURRY UP AND GET THE MOSSBERG VERSION OUT!). My wife convinced me of my lapse of judgement on selling my 995 to fund some of this (probably because she says the only thing uglier than my 995 is the bullpup unlimited stock).

    I've read a couple articles where the 870 cone the interstate arms 981r or 982r the one with the pic rail not the ghost ring sights will fit. The problem is i see that shotgun for $200 less than the 870 express and many online reviews of these shotguns say they are manufactured with better machined internals than the genuine big green alternative and their stamped parts. i have some fondling at the lgs of the 870 and 0 experience of the iac clone.

    Do any of you have these clones?
    are they any good?
    Are they generally reliable like the 870?

    Thanks for your time and any advice. This time of year the extra 200 could take 3-4 months or longer tro scrape together that much cash so you know how that new toy urge goes.
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    I have one in 20 gauge. The Pardner Pump, sold by H&R. They are basically a clone of the 870 police, not the 870 express. The 870 express has mim and plastic parts. The Pardner is machined. The only plastic I have found in mine is the magazine follower. The only problem with mine, and it's not really a problem, is the finish on the bolt is showing some wear.

    Remington 870 barrels will fit. The difference is that Remington magazines hold 4 rounds, the Pardner holds 5. You just need a bushing to take up the space between the barrel ring and the magazine end cap.

    One big difference you will notice between the Pardner Pump and the Mossberg / Maverick is how tight it is. The Pardner does not rattle.

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    i come from a family of mossberg 500 owners and i own 3 or 4(if my father in law ever gives that back) They are all set up in diferent configurations when i was handling them i noticed that the remington had no flex and play there was no rattle side to side in the pump it felt better than my 500s and i've put a lot of rounds of 12ga downrange. i'm glad to know that the clones are the same way.
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    I had a 12G, 18.5" Pardner Pump Protector (same thing as a 981/982 just different name and trim). I loved it. Shot well, and was built just as tough as my 870 Police Magnum was, which kinda ticked me off and made me feel like I overpayed for the 870. I loved the Pardner, but my dad loved it too, so I ended up giving it to him for Christmas one year. I am saving up now for a 982 with the ghost rings. They are great guns for the money. Like HiPoints. Cheap, but well built.
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    the only thing i noticed was the diference in the back of the receiver the partner pump comes to more of a point at the top of the steel and the 981/982 come down at the same swooping angle as the 870.

    I'd rather have the 982 because of the ghost ring sights but the bullpup kit strictly says plain barrel no rifle sights.
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    I looked hard an an IAC Hawk 982. My research indicated "go for it" to me. They fit 870 barrels if you add a spacer. It has to do with whatever you call the circular portion that goes around the mag tube.

    I never bought it - It sold before I could get the cash together. Still, it looked like a good option.
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    i don't know if it will help anyone but i found the hawk models at cdnn sports for around the$140 mark. at that range if i get it and don't like it i just resell it for my cost.