8mm Turkish Mauser with a BENT BARREL!!!?

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    I feel like a pet just died :(
    Yesterday My buddy and I went shooting and I brought my 2 old Bolt action rifles (Mosin 91/30 and 8mm turkish mauser) neither of which have been shot in a dogs age and today as I was cleaning the corrosive crap out of them i happened to remove the bolt on the 8mm turkish mauser and notice that the darn bore was bent slightly off to the left and up and man was I mad. Years ago I bought both the turkish mauser and m91 from a sporting goods store for 49.99 each so its not a big loss but its wierd because as best as I can figure the mauser had that bent barrel as long as I had it because its always shot High left scary knowing ive put about 800 rounds thru a bent barrel.
    Anyone ever have this happen to them? Both rifles were so cheap and sold in "fair" to "good" condition But i was just taken aback by this whole thing.
    Guess im gonna have to retire the ole mauser.. Maybe ill just jam the barrel in a vise and un-bend it...(J/K) Its more like a warp not a bend its noticeable when looking down the bore but not down the exterior of the barrel.
    I was wondering what the restrictions are on cutting barrels on rifles.. is it the same as shotguns? Do you have to stick within the parameters of 18 3/4" or what? Im thinking maybe if i cut a little of the barrel off & re-crown it might remove the bent section or maybe make a short barreled bolt action mauser 8mm pistol?.. or would I go to jail?

    Im not too sad because it seems like 8mm surplus ammo is going the way of the dodo bird.... I remember when J&G sold that for $79.99 for a case of 1,440 rounds.

    Just a quick tidbit... The old Milsurp lead core turkish 8mm ammo that was uber cheap... That stuff will nearly penetrate a .625" thick steel plate.. I shot one once and it left a big crater about .75" diameter about 85% of the way thru the plate and domed the back side out about 3/8ths of an inch.. Whereas the newer production romanian steel core stuff.. Fuhgeddaboutit ... doesnt even come close... Strange when lead nearly penetrates steel.
  2. Is there anyway a camera will pick it up so we can see it? Is there any type of damage to the exterior that would indicate what may have happened to it? Maybe it truly is warped from a quick string of shots and the heat. Are the barrels replaceable on these guns?

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    I couldnt get a shot that would show the bend... Its nearly impossible.. very subtle but comparing it to my Mosin.. where you look down the barrel yot at a source of light you can view straight down the barrel and the opening at the muzzle is directly in the center of your field of sight....and the rifling around it perfectly centered.. well this bugger when you sight down the barrel you see light at the muzzle off center and to the left and slightly up... No exterior damage.. Its wierd.. anyone have any references to guidlines as far as how much barrel can be removed legally?
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    16'' for a rifle. you cant make a pistol out of a rifle . ever, unless you pay a $200 tax stamp for a SBR (short barreled rifle)
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    yeah im looking at some info that backs up your statement that the minimum is 16 inches... any idea where the official start of the barrel could be considered to be? the forward end of the chamber? anyhow im going to measure and see if that will clear up my bending issue and if not.. ill probably just retire the gun.
  6. Heck, that bend has probably been in that barrel for half a century. If it is not severe, I personally would not worry about it too much. After all, you shot almost a thousand rounds through it with no safety problems, its just that you know its there now.

    The germans had a submachine gun that had a barrel that was bent 90 degrees to shoot around corners.

    I think you will find that replacing the barrel will cost far more than what the gun is worth.

    If you feel uncomfortable shooting it, take the firing pin out (in case its stolen) and hang it on the wall for a display
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    NO wonder you could never it anything with that gun
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    It will continue to be my Kentucky windage rifle..... Oh how I wish there much more cheap mil surp ammo for this gun.... I just wonder what kind of extreme force bent the barrel... I mean its pretty tough to bend something like this...... maybe it was used to club someones head?
  9. Ari

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    Maybe it was used to crack a Britt in the head at Gallipoli. Or maybe during the attack of the Light Brigade at Beer Sheva...
  10. Maybe the Turkish soldier that was assigned the weapon got ran over by an armored car? Who knows? That is the mystery that draws me to milsurps. :D

    You can still find surplus ammo for them. Its just not quite as cheap as it used to be.

    But still a lot cheaper than buying new ammo.
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    BATFE measures RIFLE BARRELS from the face of the BOLT or BREECH. The barrel must be greater then 18" in length, AND the entire firearm must be over 26" in length in operable condition, measured as being from the extreme dimensions of the unit measured along a plane parallel to the bore. In English, you can't play games and say, 'well if I tilt it this way the weird arse attachment on the butt stock makes it over blah, blah'. There is also a specific 'technical amendment' which says that permanently attached bayonets are excluded from said measurement, hehe. That being said, you can play often games with a welded flash hider.