8yr Old Hero Shields Mother from Gun Fire

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    Sad story, but a simply amazing show of selflessness and love. I hope this guy gets life, then is torn to pieces in prison.


    I like to think that I would have the courage to take a bullet for a family member. But for a child to act so bravely to protect her mother is amazing to me. Just like a dog that will jump in harms way to protect its owner, she was operating purely on love.

  2. I'm with Primal....there just aren't words for such a heroic act. It just goes to to show that children really know how to love, how to be brave, and how to have faith. We should all learn a lesson from this.
  3. Also, I think that someone must be looking out for that little girl, seeing as how she survived being shot 6 times. Simply amazing.

    She has every ounce of respect I can muster. She's a hero in my book, that's for sure.
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    what is this that some of the people in the comments are saying about police tasing the mom? I hope that is crap I could not find it anywhere.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    GOD bless the little one! As for the tazing bit I didn't see anything about that, probably someone else on the antitazer crusade

    But I hope the boyfriend get "special treatment" while he is inside :wink:
  6. I posted asking where he go that bit from, maybe there's more to the story, who knows.
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    Thats one brave kid.
  8. My prayers got out to the family, especialy the girl... she really needs to pull through because she has a life worth living.
  9. They said that the little lady lost an eye in the shooting. They ought to gouge one of the perps out and put it in for her.

    Anyone that would shoot a little girl like that deserves to be put down like a rabid dog. Dont waste the taxpayers money on a trial and 20 years of appeals while on death row. Just take him out back and put a bullet in him. Or 8 in this case
  10. vallen

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    that is really messed up. i hate reading stuff like that, makes me boil.
  11. this kinda stuff makes me wonder why we don't have the death penalty here in Michigan it's also why I believe in concealed carry .
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    2 to the chest and one to the head for the perp. For the kid? THere isnt much you can do to repay someone for saving your life.

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  14. I agree eye for an eye (no pun intended) I think that sob deserves to die there is no place on heaven or earth for that kind of a sob
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    ........................disadvantaged Youth...........................
    In this instance, I really like how China does it: one round to the Grape, and charges the family for the price of the bullet.