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Ok, I got asked to speak at the first annual Yuma Arizona 9/11 Tribute/Celebration. At first I deliberated about not saying anything. Then something funny happened. i am a very good speaker, Army trained instructor, but when it comes to really emotional things, i choke. so i was stymied. do i speak and mess it up or waste an opportunity. well some background...i am a published poet..believe that or not but i'll give references. i have poems published in the William Cliniton library, signed by ole Bill himself, Bush Seniors private collection, The Wall memorial, and the US poetry society. mostly military poems except for one children's poem that has been copied so many times it is unreal...i did not copyright it because i wanted it to go around and that was back before the internet. anyway, i wrote a rhyming poem for the ceremony and emailed it to my mom who has bound every poem i have wrote with the letters from Presidents/congressmen, etc. to see what she thought. she loved it. i asked if i should just read the poem and she said "Mark don't you remember" i said what...she said " you don't remember that you sat there watching it as it happened on Fox and then you remembered that your sister worked in the Pentagon and you called her with no answer so you called me" "then your sister who is stationed in Germany called about the same thing" i said, oh hell i forgot all about that. she said "i was your cell phone mamma since i had just got my FIRST cell phone that day and you all were calling on it" So my sister had called off sick that day (my B-I-L is a retired Navy Seal, team 6, handle: Grinch, if you want to look it up to see if i'm BSing) and she worked 1 floor down and 2 cells over from the blast. she would not have been hurt but sure frazzled. so my point here is i'm going to tell the above story, about 3-4 minutes, then recite the poem below. now it is a rhyming poem, not what i am used to, but for the public sheeple, who here would not understand a free flow thought, it is good. so let me know what you think:


9 short years have come and gone,
Since that day on 9-11,
When so many people lost their lives,
Sons and daughters, husbands, wives.

That tragic day, when all went black,
Twin Towers fell to their attack.
We watched them fall on our TV's,
And then we prayed down on our knees:

"Father, give them courage,
Give them the strength
To get them through,
This darkest night, this hardest fight,
We do ask this of You"

To our televisions we sat glued,
To maybe catch some further news
About why and how and who did this,
We were all so confused.

As they pulled them from the rubble,
And the hours seemed like days.
Covered head to toe in ash and soot,
They wandered in a haze.

And when the dust had settled,
And life began again.
We stood up straight,
Accepted fate,
We are Americans!!

So when this September comes around,
And we pause to reflect.
And think of all of those we've lost
We owe them that respect.

Humbly submitted by: Mark

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I think it is great!! If it is ok with you I'd like to hang it on my cube wall next month. I would like to point out that as someone who writes, well wrote poems and got 1 published that I noticed alot of people didn't seem to get the ideea of a poem with out rhyme.

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thanx, feel free to hang it up. yeah i read some free verse at a school one time and at the end..well i guess they didn't know it was the end..they just looked at me like monkeys doing a math problem!
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