9 mm ammo

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  1. kdavey

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    whats the best 9 mm ammo for a c9COMP. the cheaper the better as long as it does not risk the life of the gun.
  2. Hi-Point pistols can be a bit finnicky. I'd try a few 50 round boxes of several varieties, but as far as "cheap" goes most people seem to be doing okay with Wolf.

  3. try wwb and blazer. they both work well in my c9. not so much with wolf.
  4. JasonJ

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    nothing will "risk the life of the gun" as you say. you are NOT going to blow it up with cheap ammo..

    WWB or CCI blazer will do just fine.
  5. Many of our C9's shoot anything. As Jason said, risking the gun with plinking ammo is not an issue. Go forth and shoot!
  6. At first, my C9 gagged occasionally with WWB. Now after 600+ rounds, a box of WWB was eaten just fine. I've shot Wolf, Remington, and Blazer and they all were fine.

    My son shot Monarchs this last time out but almost ALL hits were keyhole hits. They really must have tumbled bad.

    Just my twins pieces of circular copper with a great Illinois statesman image. :D