91/30 mosin 6x24scope

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  1. For sale is a 91/30 mosin nagant with a 6x24 scope(No name 1000yd scope). Gun has also had a safe trigger job. lightest you can go with stock parts and still be safe and not have to worry about dropping it and having it discharge. Gun has been refinished it a brownish red stain and looks wonderful all done by a custom wood shop out of winthrop iowa.
    Gun comes with cleaning rod, ammo pouches, bayonet, scope and mount.

    Price 300 located in independence Iowa. Also have a set of new lee reloading dies for it for 25 bucks if you really want to get the most out of it.

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    Now that is one sexy looking Mosin....
    You have got to be loosing money on that deal.

  3. Ya but I need to fund a ar10 so some guns need to go.
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    Good luck with the sale!
    I would like a cleaned up accurized full length Mosin but for now can't be bothered doing it myself.
    And no cash to buy yours........
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  5. Oh come on I'll make ya a deal

    "How 'bout tree-fiddy?" ;)
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    You're going the wrong way, you started at 300......
    How 'bout one fiddy :)
  7. I think someone's been taking lessons from the old man on Pawn Stars.
  8. lol nah Swaga has been teaching me.