92% of mass shooings in gun free zones

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    To a bad guy/girl a gun free zone is a target rich environment. The truthfulness of Everytown is about on par with a used car selling politician who happens to be a lawyer.

  2. And when the car has a bad transmission.
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    Bloomberg group's mass-shootings report 'riddled with errors': gun reseacher

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    Peace favor your sword,
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    To call their misrepresentations "simple accounting errors" is quite generous, to say the least. The very fact that the anti-gunners have to use outright lies and obfuscation to try and sway anyone just underscores how little merit their is to their positions. It is disingenuous of them to claim that they want to disarm The People only for reasons of the public's safety when the statistics don't even come close to supporting their claims.

    Raw facts and numbers mean nothing to their kind. They only care about their irrational fear of inanimate objects and the further imposition of an authoritarian agenda upon us all.