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Yes even I who bought a gun that can retail as high as $700 locally nowadays has jamming problems. My first experience was with a high capacity 30 round mag on which I noticed that the slide did not stay pulled back after I ran through all the ammo. Now this being an after market magazine I assumed it was the clip itself. As it also had a misfead during shooting.

However I also noticed this last time using one of my standard magazines that I experienced another nose up jam. No idea why out of a 15 round mag but then the same magazine failed to keep the slide open. Am I having magazine problems. Or a different issue? What is your take on it?

Oh I tried it with 10 bullets in the magazine afterwards and it did it *failed to keep the slide open* twice in a row. The other magazine did not have this problem. Another mention is that I usually keep all 15 rounds in my magazines. Would this attribute to my problem and do I need a new magazine if thats the case?
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