995/4095 vs. Kel-Tec Sub-2000

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  1. Would be interested in someone here who has both doing a shoot-off and comparison. I want to get one somewhere down the line, as I've heard good things about it, but have yet to see an actual comparison between the two. Thanks guys!
  2. Only advantage I see on KT over HP is that it will take a double stack mag, which means more ammo.

  3. Yeah I was thinking of getting one chambered for G17/G22. 33 round mags :).
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    i dont like the design of the kel-tec at all, except that it can take different mags..

    capacity wise it beats the hi-points like a wet noodle.

    i've heard on this board hipoint has no plans to ever make a hi-cap gun, frankly i think thats a huge mistake.
  5. Comes down to the same ol' arguement: why change things when they already are backordered over capacity. If they were hurting for sales and needed a shot in the arm they might do it... but for now, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    i guess it must be because i live in ohio, i can't find them used but nib are'nt a problem.

    do the rest of you guys really have that hard a trouble finding hi-points new?
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    I don't own a 995 yet but when taxes come in, in a couple of weeks, I will be buying one. I do own the S2K though in G19 config. I love my Kel-Tec and am looking forward to the HP as well. The KT I have shoots like a dream and while it is no 'laser' it puts the rounds where I point them reliably.

    The two main points in the KT's favor are;

    1.) Capacity. Mine takes Glock 19/17/18 (15/17/33 rnds.) mags.

    2.) Foldability. The S2K will fold in half and fit, literally, in a sling pack.

    I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people, and to be honest was not one of the main reasons I bought one. I have however found through owning and using it that it is a big bonus. Especially when you take several guns to range at a time like I do most times.

    I have found it very convenient to carry the Sub and ammo in the sling pack while carrying other gun cases in my hands.

    Anyway, I love my Sub. I enjoy it very much and have had no problems with it at all. That being said I am still looking forward to getting a 995 later this month or early next month when I get my tax return.
  8. comparison on youtube.com

    has this young fella talking about three different carbines he owns...

    the hi point 995 , the kel tec sub 2000 , and the berretta cx4 storm

    he makes comparisons of the three, and demonstrates their respective performances from about 40 yards out.

    though the content is somewhat remedial in nature , i thought it was worth watching simply because of my curiosity with regards to all three of these particular weapons..


    i found this a few days ago while still gathering info on the 995 and making comparisons to other weapons of similar design before my final decision on making a purchase..

    i have a lot of respect for Kel Tec, their sub is an innovative design that is also very practical ( how hard is it to do that!) and Kel Tec apparently makes a very good gun. in a market that is populated by consumers who are both well informed and finicky - there are alot of satisfied and loyal Kel Tec gun owners out there..

    ( got my hi point carbine this afternoon by the way :D )

    the one factor which nearly persuaded me to pick up a Kel tec , was the fact that i could utilize glock mags with their carbine..

    high capacity magazines of high quality construction was every kids dream back when we all were shooting our 9mm tec's and mac's

    we all hated the super cheesy 30 round aftermarket magazines with lips that would bend and deform just from having ammunition put through them - almost as much as we hated the "Ban Compliant" 10 rounders that the government was trying to force feed us :evil:

    lets cut to the chase here !

    the real allure of a compact carbine that shoots small caliber ammo has always been four basic attributes , which all work together to make these compact carbines so much fun to shoot and such superb tactical weapons..

    1. extremely light recoil resulting in superior handling / control

    ( you can fire them very quickly , and very accurately )

    2. high capacity magazines and the fast cycling of ammunition

    ( you can fire them accurately quickly - and lots and lots of times!)

    these characteristics all working together is what makes the compact carbine such a unique critter.. and are inherent factors of the advantages a sub has over other weapon design classes

    the capacity of these 995's being limited to ten rounds, the inherent tactical advantages typical for this class of weapon design is somewhat reduced. you empty a ten round clip very quickly when firing two and three round burst..

    i think all hi point carbine owners should be interested in a magazine extension that would work well with the factory ten round clips..

    18+ sounds about right :D

    later fellas... Allen
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    thats a pretty good video and a reasonable quick review of the 3 guns imo.. although i've never actually fired the storm.

    the sound quality is totally crap on that though he needs to redo it.

    this reminds me of something though..

    i have noticed some people pronounce it car-bean.. this is not the first time i've heard someone pronounce it that way.. i've always pronounced it car-bine

    was curious how you guys pronounce it?
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  11. car - bean ( bean as in mean)

    car- bun ( bun as in one )

    car - bine ( bine as in wine)

    you hear everyway something can be said when your living in florida this close to disney :lol:

    aguynamed mike.. that guy in your pic looks soooo familiar its driving me nuts.. i just have to ask - who is he?
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    thats audie murphy unless i miss my guess.

  13. That looks like a WWI pic, sure it isn't Alvin York, the medal of Honor winner?
  14. Yeah... that video's sound quality was terrible. Wonder about what he said about the 995 tending to jam...
  15. Yep -- it's Alvin York.
  16. I`m with you Waltham 41, that is Alvin York, most decorated soilder of WW I.
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    idk but whoever thinks the stock hi-point 9mm carbine is uglier than the kel-tec sub 2000 needs a good slappin! well, thats my opinion, i'll shutup now........ lol
  18. I own both and also a Marlin Camp 9. The HP and the Kel Tec Sub 2000 both have advantages and dis-advantages. The S2K is lighter, it folds in half for storage or concealment and uses hi capacity mags. My gun uses Beretta mags and I have several 17 rounders, which is nice. Accuracy and reliablity is about the same IMO. I have a replacement (Blueforce) front sight on my S2K and that fixes one of the weak points of this gun. Both are fun and cheap to feed so I rate both guns about equal I guess. The Marlin Camp 9 is more accurate than both.

    Sub 2000



    Camp 9

    Camp 9 with Choate stock
  19. While I can't do a head to head comparison, my roommate has the kel-tec in 9mm. All of the +'s for it are quite true. For me though it is uncomfortable and its hard to line up the sights.
  20. SUB-2000 is more compact...

    The SUB-2000, as others have said, is more compact. Here's mine in a 4 pistol box by Plano....