995 Aftermarket Scope Rail...???

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  1. I have been playing around with a scope ring and a torn down factory rear iron sight in an attempt to make some sort of rear sight that can be attached to the factory scope rail. In that configuration, with the red dot, I will be able to use the irons should the red dot take a crap....

    However, with the factory rail being as short as it is I am having issue with getting enough scope real estate for both items...

    Is there an alternative to the factory scope rail on the market?
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    Ive seen elsewhere on this forum somebody who made a rail for mounting optics that was bolted onto the side of the bolt shroud so you could use the irons and optics...

  3. Not a direct after marked specially made, but you can put a bigger one on there. On ebay they used to sell 16 or 19 inch "blanks", basically only missing the mounting holes.

    Take into account that you need to mount it solid, and if you overhang too far without support you may encounter some flex or risk ripping the mount off.
  4. The problem is if you ad a rail its generally too high to use the front sight.

    Someone used low style peep sight recessed into the rail which seemed to work well.

    A few of us have built rails that extended to the front of the ATI stock. Mine floated, does deflect when pulled on but left to float does not effect zero. And it hasn't ripped off yet. :D

    Its not that hard to make one,

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    Its like CX-4 meets UMP :D
  6. I really like what some guys have done either with rail mounted, or modded to fit a rail peep sights. They're small enough that you can leave them mounted and still put a red dot on without having a massively long and unstable custom rail.
  7. I was thinking I had seen several carbines that had an after market rail on the receiver cover that was about 2 inches longer (maybe a bit less) than the factory set up.... This looked ideal for what I want to do...

    I'll look around and see if I can find what I am referring to....
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    I was able to mount an Aimpoint on the factory included rail and a flip-up rear site. But, like someone else mentioned, the top of the shroud is so high I could not get the front sight high enough to co-witness the iron sites and the Aimpoint. I finally gave up on the flip-up and just use the Aimpoint.
  9. modify a longer rail so it bolts up to your shroud..

    drill your own holes in the rail so it matches up to the pattern on the shroud, and use the screws & backing plate from the factory iron sights to mount it to the riffle..

    if your worried about flexing/breakage of a longer rail, i would just cut a peice of sheet metal ( 16 ga. or so ) into the propper length/width to exactly match the bottom of the rail

    then use an epoxy or urethane adhesive to glue it to the bottom of the rail.. Gorrilla glue is excellent stuff, so is Hi-Bond epoxy ( both found at home depot)

    the next concern i would have , is that those factory screws that did the job for the ironsights, wouldnt be long enough to bolt up through both the rail and the metal backing plate..

    so i would drill holes completely through the rail, as a countersink..

    where the bolts would set on top of the metal backing plate when everything was bolted down, the heads of those bolts will sit nice and snug in the countersunk holes drilled out into the rail.

    can bolt everything up to the riffle through the metal backing plate. if you use gorrila glue ( urethane) or Hi-Bond epoxy ( yup, epoxy) either one of those will hold the rail onto the metal backing plate no problem..


    i have seen rail mounted reer peep sights on ebay, seems like they were pretty reasonable if i remember correctly

    just trying to help out, or something i wrote might even give you some ideas of your own that could help get the job done..

    anywho! good luck with your project, let us know how it goes..

    and post pics of that sweetie pie when she is all dressed up and ready for action! :wink:

    later bud , Allen
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    Try this setup:


    Scroll down the page and you'll find a mount that bolts to the left side of the 995 carbine. It allows you to use a scope and the iron sights. Might be worth a look!!!!!!!!! 8) 8)
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    Not a bad price for the package deal... $36.99 gets you the rail, rings and a scope...