995 and C-9 for sale in pittsburgh

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  1. I bought a 995 about 1 week ago used from some guy and havent even had a chance to fire it yet. I need the money to pay bills. Im not looking to make any money, just looking to get what I paid for it. I would really like to keep it local. Price is $150 and that includes the in perfect condition 995 with a mounted red dot scope with 11 brightness settings. I will even throw in some ammo if you like and all the paperwork and boxes for both the gun and the scope. Let me know if interested. Thanks


    Also selling C-9 with Houston Holster, rubber grip and 2 mags. Looking to get about $140 for all. Thanks


  2. how much is shipping to 79925? or is shipping included in the price.
  3. If you like, I can check shipping charges. 995 is SPF but the C-9 is still available as of this morning. So I would have to go through an FFL.
  4. the reason i ask about shipping is that the ffl dealer here charges $45 to receive it. a little steep if you ask me.
  5. That is way too steep. You should fire your current FFL and get a new one.
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    Get on gunbroker.com and look at their list of FFLs in your area. $45 is outrageous!
  7. found one on gunbroker.com, thanks, they charge $15-$25 just waiting on a reply from them. so what exactly are the steps involved on buying a gun though the net? as of now it seems like a pain in the arse and just as expensive as if i were to just spend another $189 for a c9 at the gun shop in person. just thought i could find a good deal by buying one over the net.
  8. PM'ed for possible FTF on 995
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    interested in the C9
  10. 995 is SOLD!

    C9 still FOR SALE!