995 and its arch nemesis

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  1. 995 and its arch nemesis (Kel Tec Sub 2000). I really like both these carbines and it hard to pick a favorite. I will just have to put a few thousand more rounds through each to pick a winner!


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    evil looking muahahahaha

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    The Hi-Point is much stronger built has better stock sights, trigger and fit.

    The Kel-Tec Sub-2000 can use Glock Magazines, but has poor sight, trigger and ejection. Its frail compared to all other 9mm carbines.

    I have shot about every currently manufactured 9mm carbine made and have run case upon case of ammunition through them. Heres my list,

    H&K MP-5
    Colt Car-9
    Beretta Storm
    Marlin Camp 9
  4. My Sub 2000 uses Beretta 92 mags and I have several 15 and 20 rounds so this is one advantage over the 995. The Sub 2000 has performed very well for me with over 2000 rounds through the gun. I replaced the factory plastic front sights with a aluminum front sight made by Blueforce, and its a major improvement. Another advantage is I can co-witness with the red dot sight and iron sights on this gun. So if the red dot fails or batteries run out I can still use the iron sights. I have never had a problem with ejection on this gun and the trigger is not to bad, not as good as the 995 but I can get nice groups with this gun. I also have a Marlin Camp 9 and its a fine little 9mm carbine also.
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    Loved the Marlin Camp 9. And what about the Ruger PC9? That was a good little gun too. They stopped making it a little over a year ago.
  6. Yes, I agree the Camp 9 is a fine little rifle, it a lot like the venerable Marlin Model 60 .22 in function and feel.

    here is mine in both wood and Choate stocks. I switch back a forth depending on my mood.

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    One question how is Keltec's warrenty department? Any comparison there?
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    From what I know it is a lifetime warranty as well.
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    Does your list rank these carbines according to reliability. If so I am really supprise to the Hi-Point being better than the Uzi.
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    I dont think that was GM's intent. However, even with the FTF's i have with the 995, the UZI is not on my list of reliable weapons.
  11. I have had this Sub 2000 for over 5 years and I have never had to use their warranty dept., but their service is generally rated as outstanding by owners on the Kel Tec forums.

    The bottom line with all these small pistol caliber carbines is they are basically fun inexpensive plinkers that also can serve as good home defense weapons or truck guns, but they are not tough, ruggid military type rifles. They are not meant to be. None of these would be my first choice as a SHTF gun when I go to my gun safes but they are fun to plink with and acessorize, and thats why I like them so much.
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    Is that list in the order of best to worst? :shock:

    I'm surprised you would put the Storm below the Hi-Point. (I don't know about the UZI) Don't get me wrong, I love my 995, but I don't think it can stack up against the Storm. Granted the Storm is more expensive, but you can feel and see that difference. It like comparing the C9 to a Glock or XD. Just because the Glock or XD is a superior pistol, doesn't mean the C9 is junk, only that its not on the same level.
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    I have seen so many Storm's choke in three gun events I cant give you a number. And for some reason they are not as accurate as they should be, I just never seen one run long term in events without problems. My Hi-Point carbine in a ATI stock maybe slow on its fire cycle and is handicapped by low capacity but she has never failed during a event.

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    And that is coming from Glockman! :)
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    Interesting. I have never seen or shot one for an extended period, only brief experiences at the local range. There are a few guys that bring them almost every week. They seemed to be pretty nice, I would have never thought they were so buggy... Thats good to know.
  16. From what I have heard from CX4 Storm owners, they have more problems than they are worth, and for $500 + they are not worth the money. I had one guy at the range shoot my 995 and then tell me that he's going out to buy one. I saw the CX4 Storm in the base paper for sale about a week later. Hi-Point knows what they are doing for sure.
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    I noticed a definite lack of Calico's on the list. If you had to (or can), where would you rank them GM? I'm curious as a friend of mine and I are considering buying one as they are currently back in production.

  18. They are? Linky please.............
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    I have worked on several and they have feeding problems which need to be addressed and the magazine springs are brittle and prone to break. I could have purchased a few very, very cheap and passed as there always seems to be a issue with them function wise.