995 and SR22 range day

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    I played with the carbine, and my 11 y.o. wanted to shoot pistol. He was shredding the ammo box target from 25 ft. with the SR22. He ran through the 200 rounds I'd tossed in the trunk. Kiddo did a few mag dumps. 15862212079524478318899916950494.jpg

    The 100 yard line wasnt so kind to me today. The breeze didnt help. I'd loaded up using some Blazer brass. The brass felt "stiff" when resizing it, like it would spring back. The neck tension didnt feel right when seating the bullets. I stopped loading at 20 rounds, and wanted to see how they looked. Short of the story, not as good as Win or RP brass. The blazer brass averaged (3 groups) 3.30", and the WIN (2 groups) 2.63". Best group was 2-3/8".

    The barrel needs cleaned again :-/

    For fun, I shot a group of Blazer brass reloads at 25 yards. 4 of the 5 bullets made a single hole. Overall group size was 11/16". If my math is right, the 4 look like a 0.25" group. 15862207886558667389898080376390.jpg 15862210104586948534365243485654.jpg
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