995 as a combat weapon?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Loxxa, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Rerun

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    Succinctly put.

  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    And just how much combat has it seen?

    Combat and emergecy/SHTF use are entirely different things.

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    No worries Kirk. Its just funny seeing the same arguments from 7 years ago that folks have today. My 2 cents is in. A shtf scenario run what ya brung. I do have a Cx4 and a 92 as get home guns in my truck but if I was leaving home I would be using my AK. I do mot think you will ever see a battle field like we saw in iraq here in the states. Most likley local gun fiights.
  4. planosteve

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    Hopefully it will never see combat. But as I currently only have 2 center fire rifles you use what you have. That will change when I get my AR.
  5. MachoMelvin

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    I didn't read very far up the post, but I can see where some folks would consider their HP's to be combat weapons, at least until they started taking heavy fire from 200 + yards out. Then they would realize they need a bigger gun. PCC's are great for close quarter combat, house to house or across the street. But, if I feel the need to take out a target 300-500 yards away, that is a COMBAT weapon. But hey, if it is ALL you got, GO for it!!!
  6. missiledefender

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    Hello all, I could see the Hi Point Carbine fitting into a close range "Urban Combat" roll. It's a durable rifle that shoots fairly accurately. It's not my first choice and I think that you'd be rapidly outgunned by people with larger calibres and higher magazine capacities.

    I'd use one until I could upgrade. Eventually, you'd zap someone that had a "better" rifle. So, YES is my answer BUT only until you'd be able to replace it. Then I'd pass it on. Albanians did the same thing in Kosovo and Bosnia.

    My A2 didnt work when I was in Iraq (82nd ABN-3/325) so, I kinda wished I had a Hi Point...THAT Hi Point would have worked at least. Finest equipment, provided by the lowest bidder='s JUNK.
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    After I picked up my 21'st or 22nd Hi Point, I realized their limitations. So I jumped ship so to speak & started checking into the AR's & AK's line of guns. It was NOT easy for a CHEAP GUN guy to spend that kind of $$$, but I did. And since I couldn't make up my mind between a AR, AK or a FAL, I just got one of each. I hope that will be enough?

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  8. ArmyScout

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    M1 Carbine has a max effective range of 300 yds. A Hi Point carbine may shoot that far which is debatable, but it's going to drop like a rock and wont have any kick left. Under the circumstances of the topic of this thread, a Hi Point Carbine would be a poor choice, unless it was all you had.
  9. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Mel hit it closest. It will work, if its all you have, but in true combat, youre dead after 10 rounds while your reloading and a true combat rifle still has 20 in its mag if it already fired round for round with you.
    Using a gun to fight back doesn't make it a combat rifle. That's like saying your drive a race car, because you once took your toyota prius head to head against a dodge neon between two stoplights.
  10. SWAGA

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    The single gun that covers everything has still to be made.
    Here's what I think:

    30.06 300-500 yards
    AR 50-300 yards
    SKS 25-100 yards
    PCC ( which I don't have) 25-75 yards
    12 gauge. 0-50 yards
    .357 0-50 yards
    .45 0-50 yards
    .380 0-10 yards

    The 30-06 is severely capacity limited so for a true 'area denial' weapon you need a RPK or similar.

    * and that is based on nothing else but common sense as I have no combat experience *
  11. lklawson

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    There's at least one AR in 30-06. Bring your wallet. :(

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. I would would take it in a SHTF TEOTWAWKI.
    Not combat.
    But I don't have a. Ar or sks. Or ak.
    So i would use it and my 30-30 and my .243 for stuff way out there.

    Not combat. But I can say it's a hell of a lot better than a pistol.
    And I can toss it to my wife when I can grab an ar.
  13. MachoMelvin

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    I can always hand my HP's over to friends & relatives that have denied the "END" was coming & failed to prepare?
  14. Bull

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    Always the Garand.... While not high capacity, it certainly put the K98s at a disadvantage.
  15. Don't forget the BAR

    that's a lifetime achievement. to shoot a fully auto 30-06
  16. juski_w

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    I have my 4595 set up[​IMG] I think the consensus is that it would've fine as long as you strictly urban.
  17. juski_w

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    Swaga is on to something. I have also found hi cap magazines for my model 100 w/.308 it will stop 'em and reach out. Kinda like a light m1[​IMG]. Besides, I really love shooting this baby.
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  18. TxGun

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    No Hi-Point carbine is a true combat weapon. Great for SD/HD, great for a short-term civil unrest scenario, great as a survival weapon...any and all of those, and perhaps a few others. Combat? No way. Not unless it's all you have, and then only until you can get something more suitable.
  19. lklawson

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    "Combat" is far too vague a term. It could mean any of a dozen different things in a thousand different scenarios, some of which would be appropriate for an HP carbine and many which would not.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  20. My thoughts exactly, an HD or SD situation is by definition combat. The length of the engagement may be short, but non the less a combat situation.