995 at 100 yards

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  1. So far i have taken my hi point to the range twice,mainly to get the red dot sighted in. Anyhow at 25 yards everything looks good, i was windering how dose it perform at 100 yards, anyone have exp. with the 995 at that range?.

  2. Ari

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    You can break clays all day long at 100 yards.. I have shot mine out to 200 yards and it will blow your mind... I could keep them all in the size of a torso at 200 yards (with iron sights)
  3. Both of the Hi Point carbines will do very well at 100 yds, depending on the sighting system used and of course the shooters skills.
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    I shoot mine at 100 all the time. I love to see how far I can reach out and get something, sounds like it time for me to get a nice long range shooter ;)