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    so i'm at the pawn shop looking for either a concealed carry or a shotgun, and i see a 995 [the first i've ever seen in person], so of course i ask to see it. i was told it was new and sold for $219, but it was rough. the blueing looked like garbage, the charging handle was very hard to pull back, and the magazine release couldn't be operated without moving your trigger hand.

    so i guess my question would be is all this normal, or was the shop lying and it was used? and i went home with a mossberg 500 persuader.
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    "Bluing." That's a generous term. Even on new 995s, the finish is nothing to brag about, so that one's a toss up. And with the mag release issue - was it in a hard-plastic stock that looked a bit like a Beretta CX9 carbine? If so, that's normal for the ATI stock, and the price was actually pretty fair. If it's in a factory stock and you're having that issue, it's not a fair price, and it's most likely not new. And the charging handle should come back fairly easy.

    Good choice on the Mossberg, btw.

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    i woudl say even new in excellent condition thats not a very competitive price. $169 is how much they often go for at Dunhams.. id pay no more than $200 OTD if possible.
  4. I think the guy saw someone who he thought was a sucker and could get him to pay that much for a carbine in a paw shop.
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    no, it wasn't the ati stock, and none of the gun shops around here have decent prices. an 870 express sells for $350-375 at the gun shops, but the same gun sells for $270 at walmart. i was pretty sure it was a used gun, but i've read that the 995's fit and finish weren't anything to write home about, and that was the only one i've ever laid hands on. and there's no way i'm going to pay msrp for anything.
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    Yeah, I saw a guy at the range yesterday with a 995 w/ ATI stock, and he was bragging that he got it for $300. When I told him I got my carbine and new stock for just over $200, he felt kind of ripped off.

    He also claimed ATI was coming out with an ACU camo pattern stock, but a that was the first I've heard of it.
  7. A pawn shop in Lexington tried to sell me a " Tamer 20 " that he said was new , but it was dirty from being shot and had a bolt with about 4 washers to hold the stock on , and he wanted the new price for it . I left it with him.
    I havn't been back in that place since.
  8. I've got a little over $300 in my 995. That includes the ATI stock, shroud, scope and bi-pod. I paid $179 at a gunshow for the 995 and took it home and installed the ATI stock I had waiting in the closet, never even fired the gun in the factory stock.

    I put the 1500th round thru it last weekend without a hitch!
  9. I saw a couple of 995's yesterday at a local pawn. The guy wanted $239 for a stock 995 that he claimed was NIB. He also has a NIB 995 with an ATI and a red dot scope all for the low low price of $349. I let him keep them for that price. He wasn't willing to deal.
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    They already made the ACU pattern stocks for the 995, and as far as I know, they are no longer making them.

    The pattern wasn't too bad on them, but the black-ish receiver shroud broke up the whole pattern. You'd be better off just getting an ACU pattern Duracoated on.
  11. I've often said that pawn shops are not the best place to purchase firearms, no matter who manufactured them. I'm sure that a good number of pawn shop guns were well maintained by their previous owners. But more often than not they aren't quite the quality of used inventory that a gun shop would carry. And the prices at pawnshops sometimes leave a little to be desired as well.

    Gun shop owners have a better trained eye in spotting well maintained, quality guns than some pawn shop owner who's eye is trained in buying jewelery, DVD players, and guitars. (I will cop to buying a lot of pawnshop guitars though... lol)

    But that's not to say you can't find an excellent gun at a good price at a pawn shop. Just take the time to check the weapon out as thoroughly as they will let you.
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    I just bought a 995 NIB for $200.00, at a pawn shop. I really didn't want to spend that much as that is what I paid for my 4095, but I didn't want to drive 2 hours back to Dallas for the next gun show. I was in Chicago all last week, but the guy said he would have me a stock 995 in by the time I got back. When I went in, today, they had a used 995 with a red dot for $179, but they didn't have the original rear site or front site. I wanted a stock 995 for the trunk. They then tried to sell me a NIB 995 for $249 with a red dot. When they saw I wasn't going for that they offered to take the red dot off and sell it to me for $200. I went ahead and took that deal. He is the only Hi-Point dealer in my area so he saved me some gas money to Dallas. Hope to hit the range with it, this weekend.
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    $200 even isnt bad.. its not a sale or anything, but its fair.
  14. I got mine in a Pawn Shop NIB for $200. They even had an extra Mag they sold me for $16
    I did have a problem with my front sight being knocked out of wack from rough handling but I got that fixed easy enough. Just loosened the allen screws, saw the marks from it having slid on the barrel & moved it to it's proper place.
    Now it shoots just fine :D
  15. I'd say no more than 200 new and 150 used.