995 ATI Barrel Shroud $15

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    OK... i gave a few of these away in the free section. The response was good. So now I have one for sale. The shroud is a 1" alum pipe with a .625" thru hole. It secures with 2 8-32 set screws on the bottem. I also put a chamfer on the ends and inside diameter. It look real nice. I can paint it just about any color for you, or i can leave it raw sand blasted alum. I can email you pictures. It looks similar to the one in this link: http://hipointfirearmsforums.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=232

    This is for only 995 with ATI stocks.

    asking $15. That includes shipping.
  2. Ridge

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    Man, thats a helluva deal...now Im torn between this and the Moerse-Lekker...

  3. thekrnel

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    sold pending monies.
  4. rift

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    let me know if the sale falls threw
    and i will buy