995 barrel shroud

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by thekrnel, Oct 17, 2007.

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    does anyone have atleast rough dimensions of a barrel shroud for a 995? I am plannig on making one myself. i have a machine shop and a powder coater at my service. Why not take advantake? I am looking for length, diameter of barrel ( i don't have my 995 yet, its in the mail) and quanty of holes. Good pictures would also help. If it works i may be able to make a small production run and sell for cheap.
  2. With an ati stock, i used 1" aluminum bar stock. i then drilled a 5/8" hole through it using a lathe. i then used the lathe and a file to create the taper. I used 2 1/4" x20 set screws with lock tite to hold it all together. Here are the pics. I used ultra flat black krylon to paint it, but it chips off. How much is it o powder coat?
    I did not place any holes in mine. i liked the solid look. Last time i took it out to the range, i really did not notice an appreciable heat build up.

  3. I don't know, but does Duracote stick to Aluminum? You might try that, and it'll be a much better, tougher finish.
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    They say it will even stick to wood
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    I hear powder coating is pretty cheap...Ive heard prices like $100-150 for a 4 cylinder header...
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    powdercoat costs me a soda. we have 2 powder boths at my work. it's not uncommon to powder personal items. we have like 75 colors too. one guy did his rims to match his truck. in fact i am going to powder the reciver cover on my 995 tomorrow. and then i am going to install my ati stock and measure for a barrel shroud... and then make one.. and then powder it... and then put it on my gun and shoot it. sweet!
  7. I might just have to send you some parts and have them powder coated..... :wink:
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    Looks cool!

    Keep your finger out of that trigger well. :wink:
  10. A family friend owns a powder coat company. They do some really sweet stuff to harleys. When I go back home I might have to stop by his place and have him powder coat the taurus ultra light.
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    that gun pictured above looked Great! I think that it was a fantastic job for the ol high point