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  1. Ive done a little research and couldnt find much info. Where can I get a bipod to mount to the factory stock? if not possible and i must get an ATi stock, wheres the cheapest place to get an ATI stock and Bipod? Thanks

    Oh, Im a new member! I was a member of the old forum but just got lazy and havent been on the computer much. I have a C-9 and my newly acquired 995. So far, i love the C-9. I havent got a chance to play with the 995 yet :(
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    Welcome back!
    I am thinking some people who have grafted/modified putting a rail type accessory pad on the foreends of thier ATIs will chime in here. Once you get that, finding a suitable bipod shouldnt be much trouble.

  3. www.milsurpstuff.com

    Benny will hook you up. Great guy and great business ethic!!!

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    Yeah the only bipods that go on without modification to your stock is the standard clamp ons...they are still good, though...