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    just recd my new 995, have not fired it yet, curious that the bolt is on the left side--
    i have 2 other carbines with bolt on right-
    why is the bolt left on the 995 ?
  2. Think1st

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    Hi Point carbines all come from the factory with the charging handles on the left side. Modern carbine techniques tend to emphasize operating the weapon without releasing the right hand from the pistol grip, and having the charging handle on the left side allows that.

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    I have the Brass Stacker Right Side charging handle, and it is great, But I wouldn't want it on all my HP Carbines?

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  5. talon

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    You didn't notice that before you purchased it?
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    Are the other carbines furnished with pistol grip stocks?
    Are they pistol calibers, with mags that feed through the pistol grip?

    If not, refer to Think1st's answer in post 2.

    If they ARE pistol grips that feed pistol caliber mags into the grip, with bolt handles on the right...they are bad designs, or they are set up for left handed shooters.

    My guess is, you have rifle or medium caliber carbines, with mags in front of the trigger? Different animal, different manual of arms, they should have the bolt handle on the right.

    Except the AR or FAL, which are yet another different animal.;)