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  1. my 995 broke only after 20 rounds, went to chamber the next round and jammed, upon further exam, found the firing pin sticking out, would that be a broken firing pin then? Sent it in does anyone know what the turn around rate is on repairs are? At 50 yards with just the ghost sight shot high with 3 rounds, adjusted front post next 17 rounds shot nice grouping on target between me and my 10 yr old son.
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    If you are handy with taking things apart, its easy to see if the pin is bent or broken and they can send you just the pin and you replace it yourself, saving you the cost of sending the weapon.

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    Thank you. I am handy i am going to take courses in gunsmithing and i already sent the gun back
  4. My bad, I didn't catch that part. Usual turnaround is a couple of weeks or less, depending on how far you live from them consider in shipping.
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    the firing pin on hi-points are used also for an ejector.
    the pin will stick out unless it has been charged and the firing pin has been captured.

    with the gun empty slowly pull the handle back you'll notice it sticking out..

    now pull it all the way back till you hear/feel a click, this is the firing pin being captured under spring pressure.

    slowly ease the handle back forward, the firing pin should stay charged.

    you will not see the firing pin again unless you pull the handle all the way back, normally if the firing pin has not been charged you will see it as soon as you start to pull back on the charging handle.. you can take your hand or a pencil and press on the firing pin, you'll feel the spring tention behind it.

    the pistols work the same way.
  6. Got my 995 back on Thursday less than a week they fixed it. I had a bent firing pin.
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    Wow you got that done fast! Hope you enjoy that great little carbine!
  8. This company treats me better than most of my own family does I tell ya :)
  9. Another big +1 for Hi-Point customer service !!!
  10. Customer service on HiPoint firearms is second to none in the business. Less than a week turn around time is nothing short of outstanding.

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    Yea i only live about 35 miles from mansfield, if i could drop it off i probably would