995/C9 magazine interchange

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  1. Help me here as I must be missing something. The Hi-Point ad in this month's issue of American Rifleman relates that all 10 rd mags for the 995 and C9 can interchange. In the past you could put a 995 mag in a C9 but it would not be reliable. The C9 mag would not fit the 995 (due to the battery box). The new ad has changed from previous ads. I looked at the Hi-Point website and noted no changes from the past. So does anybody know what has changed?
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    What's changed? Maybe the retard who writes the ads?

  3. I saw the article here that says the same thing. Not on the forums but under the article section. As cicpup said I think the writers are mixed up.

    My 995 mags will fit in the pistol and I haven't had any feeding issues but I haven't run it more than a few times. And your right my C9 won't fit in the 995 at all. Now if you take the box thing off the bottom of the mag it's the same thing. But I don't want to be taking that thing off in the field or range.
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    I saw this clip the other day. HiPoint at the NRA convention: