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No Shart.

My neighbor is an MP E-4 CPL.

Just had a 1120pm chat and told him of the trade I made with waltham41.

He then told me that some of the guys are using them as there carbine in the squad car.

I double ask to be sure he was talking about the Hi-Point. He was very sure and clear that he was.

Now he had to go to bed, Long day and all so details were not brought up.

SO>>>>>>>>>>>>> On Post Fort Riley has MP's in squad cars. They also have a civilian force also to suppliment the numbers from those deployed.

I was unable to ask if it were the Civilian police force or if he was talking about the Junction City police. Nearest town off post. Or Manhattan, Second closest. >>> No not Manhatan NY. I am talking about the City that K state is in.

He is not at all one who tells stories or anything of the like.

Also He is a true Patriot and american hero. One whom I rexpect very much. And has come home From Iraq early and now works for the Game Warden. With bad injuries to the brain from IED. Great guy.

Any way.

You should all by now know that I do not Talk bad about the carbine at all.
BUT, do have some reservations as to using it as your go to SHTF battle weapon. Even if it is a small town police cruiser run of the mil officer.

He himslef doesnt talk bad, ABOUT THE CARBINE> :) But shares my concern.

I will be interogating him further later. :p
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