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As a Active Duty MP, I'm having difficulty seeing this getting okay doked by the higher ups. Why issue HPs on base when the arms room is full of ARs? The DA Coppers have access to the same stuff that the MPs have. Maybe a few have their own kit while on patrol, that's "off the books". I'm having difficulties seeing this pass the smell test. The PM on base would have kittens if he found out that we were carrying our own stuff.
I agree 100% ...

There is no way that a Provost Marshals Office will approve weapons outside of the normal inventory, DA Officers or not. Hell, with me being a K9 MP I had to go through hoops with approvals from the PMO in order to use specialized eqiupment that was required and needed to perform and carry out my duties as K9.

my last K9 partner and I from way back in the day :D

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